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What or who your favorate(sp) TV animal?
Mine, Tom & Jerry !
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We like SpongeBob Squarepants here!!!! My kids love the show and I always end up sitting and watching it with's silly, but I enjoy it..
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I'm not big into cartoons, but I've always been fond of Winnie the Pooh & his friends.
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This dates me but I liked Snagglepuss
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ME too
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Top Cat was cool.
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and Huckleberry Hound!
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I have to go with Snagglepuss
Hes just tooo cute!
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dpn't kill me, but I don't know hwo is SnagglePuss...

Garfield is one all-time favorite, but im also crazy about the French Skunk (im not sure what was he called...), who courts the ladies everywhere! he always cracks me up!
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Just LOOOVE Winnie the Pooh!
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A blast from the past: Mush Mouse and Punkin Puss, from the old Magilla Gorilla cartoons!
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Sue, Mush is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!!!! how could I forget him? I used to laugh so much watching it...
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Nunny! "Heavens to Mugartroid" YOU don't know Snagglepuss? LOL

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I almost hate to admit it, but I LOVE 2 Stupid Dogs!

Nunny, we actually had Pepe Le Pew and his kitty girlfriend Penelope as out wedding cake topper and frame. It was so cute! Unforunately, I can't find a picture of the cake topper, but here's our frame.

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Nermal looks like my little boo so I'm changing my answer

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OMG! This is so funny!!! on eof my cats is called PEPE, and I didn't even know they have the same name!!!

Oh, Tybalt, that link you gave took me back...
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