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Could Sawyer be a Bengal/Cross?

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We got Sawyer about 2 months ago and he just turned 1. The kid we got him from could not keep him because the GF did not want him around. So he was bounced a couple of times from home to home and ended up back at the kids house where his mom took him. She was evicted and lived in her boss' trailer hiding him. He was still an intact male. Orginally the kid was in a parking lot and this little kitten comes walking up to him and so he took him at about 6 weeks old.

I have never had a cat like him in my life. He has attached to my daughter. We always catch him playing in the toilets and bathtub so now we make sure all seats are down otherwise we have found little dirty paw prints. We often find him on the counters and a couple of times at the top of our refrigerator. He is very long and his tail is very long.He's got to be pushing about 15 lbs but does not look fat. We always joke that he is a dog in a cat body. or a rabibit with his huge feet. lol And he is so affectionate. What is so funny is if he is sittiing on the couch and you make eye contact...that's it. It comes running to plot down on you or next to you. And the trust he has is amazing.

So her is a video of him with his favorite person.


and this one


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Wow, he is gorgeous! I dont think there's any Bengal in him, just a handsome grey tabby
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He could be most anything, but the odds are he's just a domestic shorthair.

However, is he polydactyl on his front paws?
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No idea. However, he is gorgeous, whatever his background is.
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What is he? a big ole piece of lump sugar!!!!
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Awww thats soooooo sweet. I have a big huge boy that could be his brother. His name is Tino and you can click on his pic beside my name. He is a huge kitty, too. 23ish lbs of love. The video of you holding him upside is so funny to me. My cats Kiko and Ducky LOVE for me to hold them like that, I have never seen any other cat that likes that. When I pick them up, they will actually lean backwards to be upside down
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