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Oh My, look at what just listed at meowhoo?

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Look at the coats on these cats! How gorgeous!

Egyptian Mau
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Oh I just love spotted/striped cats
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What beautful cats!!!!!!
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How beautiful! I love the colors of those kittens! They look a lot like Bengals, are the related to that breed?
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You know I don't have a clue? They look like they could be?
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MA, I found this:
What is the difference between a Mau and a Bengal?
The Bengals are spotted cats derived by hybridizing the Asian Leopard cat (a wild species) with the domestic cat. The aim of the Bengal breeding program is to create a cat that looks like the Asian Leopard cat but with the personality of a domestic cat. Hence Bengals are larger than Maus with heavier boning and more substantial muscles. The head type is also very different. Unlike the Mau the Bengal has small untufted ears, wide set eyes and prominent whisker pads. Bengals often have larger more widely spaced spots than maus, and some have rosettes which should never bebseen in the maus. Bengals come in a greater range of patterns and colors than the Mau with both spotted and marbled cats accepted for showing. Silver bengals are currently being developed, but are still rare, and generally do not have the clean untarnished color found in the silver maus (note that the snow bengals are not silvers, but bengals with the simese or burmese gene). If you are interested in the details of the differences between the Mau and the Bengal you should read and compare the TICA standards for the Egyptian mau and Bengal (Bengals are not registered by CFA). One final point is that although a show quality Bengal and a show quality Mau should look very different, the Egyptian Mau has been used as the domestic cross in many Bengal breeding programs (for an example visit the Lotsa Spots Cattery) meaning that many Bengals have a significant proportion of Mau blood. It is thus likely that some pet quality Bengals will actually resemble bronze Egyptian Maus.
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Wow! Thanks Shell- we just had a silver bengal cattery sign on at meowhoo...their cats are gorgeous!
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Here is the link, the site is just a homepage right now as it is still under construction

Silver Gene
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very cool! Thanks for the link!
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They are beautiful cats! I think one of the newer members here owns an Egyption Mau kitten.
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I want one!
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Gorgeous! N.Z. has loads of these! I love the smoke ones!
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They are wonderful looking cats. What a coat!

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