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kitten emergency! Help!

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Me, the pyro, was burning stuff in the backyard again. I went back out with the broom to sweep up the paper remains and I noticed a white cat run out from the grill cover. A year or two ago we found dead kittens under there , so I looked and this time I saw a live kitty, eyes barely open so maybe 2 weeks? It's still very small. I am running to get some food after I post this for momma and hopefully for baby.

I called the shelter where we got Mons from, but they're not answering. Animal control won't help us or will kill it.

Edit: I was going to go to the store, but Mom says she's been seeing the cat in question lately (thinking it was a guy) and that it will be back. She thinks that just leaving food and water (I left Royal Canin Kitten 36) for the momma will be ok.
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Did get answer from shelter. No one can pick it up, but if Momma doesn't come back, we will bring the kitty to them. I have a presentation tonight unfortunately (REALLY rough day already mostly due to work ) with someone, so as soon as I'm done with that I will buy a can of kitten milk in case the kitty's still there and hungry.

By the way, I feel like maybe it was a good day to be in a mood to burn things. If I didn't sweep with the broom, the kitty would have never ran out, triggering my suspicions of what lay underneath. I just hope the kitten will be ok. Mom thinks it will be ok, but I am the panicky one when it comes to pets.

Edit: Hopefully, I will be home by 10 pm (will leave sometime after 7) so that the kitty won't go too long without food if the mom doesn't come back.
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I would put out food and watch to see if Mom comes back. Little ones don't live long without their Momma.
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Just got your PM - sending vibes that this little one makes it!

Mons will be watching over the bubbie!
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came back with a can of KMR to find that all the food - wet and dry - has been eaten. So it appears that momma has been visiting. But, when I checked on him he was crying, so I thought he might be hungry. So left him a bowl of the KMR (no syringe since I barely had enough to buy the cat milk) in hopes he may lick it plus more kitten dry food for the momma.

I was able to pick up and look at the kitten and it appears that it is a boy (not too clear on the parts since he's so small, but it looks like he has boy parts.

Also, mom and I thought it would be good to place a fleece bed (that Luna rarely uses anyway) under there where he's at so he can stay warm. I placed him in it since I wasn't sure if he would have too much trouble climbing in it himself.

Edit: Am I interfering too much by putting him in the bed? Technically, he's still in the same spot.
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I checked this morning and the baby was gone and the food too. It appears that the Mom moved it during the night. But when the mom ran off yesterday, I saw where she ran into - behind a plank into the next door neighbor's crawl space. Unfortunately, two dogs live there, so I will see if I can spot them after work without getting detected by the neighbors. They're not really cat people from what we know.
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