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Desperate New Dad!

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Hello all,

I've been trolling for sometime but finally found it necessary to post.
4 days ago I found a couple kittens in a bush outside of my home. Since they were in no danger I simply placed them back in the bush and observed, hoping that the mother would come back for them. The next day I found the mother dead next to my home. I immediately began feeding the cats skim milk (Until I got KMR the next day) and worked on providing a safe environment for them. They have no physical defects or injuries.

They do have some loose stool, and I am completely captivated by these kittens so I took them to the veterinarian today. The veterinarian said they were 4 weeks old and weighed about 13 ounces. He said that aside from some loose stool, (for which he gave me a dose of “Albon Susp.†which I gave 4 hours later) they "appeared viable" and showed no sign of dehydration after running through his diagnostics. He then gave them a dose of de-wormer

I feed them as much KMR as they will drink, every 4 hours throughout the entire day and have been feeding them “Science Diet Beef and Gravy- For Kittens†twice a day since they can “lap†and eat readily. I am reluctant to cut the KMR feedings due to the threat of dehydration.

Unfortunately about an hour ago while holding one of the kittens he began looking around and crying which I assumed meant he had to use the bathroom. It was an hour after his last meal. I took him and to his box and he urinated and then had a very watery stool. Upon close inspection there was a trace amount of blood in just one of his dropings.

The strange thing is that after rinsing him off he pranced into the living room, climbed up my chair, ran up my chest and began purring as if he was fine.

I am at a loss and am doing my best. I love this little creature. ANY and all advice or criticism is welcome.

I am at a complete loss as to what to do but will do anything to try and ensure his survival.
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Give the vet a call.

My first guess would be worms, but he was wormed. He may have Giarridia/Coccidia that can be easily treated.

How long ago was he fed the skim milk? As you may know, milk is notoriuos for giving cats loose stool.

Did you just start them on the wet food? If so that could have started the loose stool, it takes a while for their systems to get use to any new food, including KMR, so that could be it too, but the blood concerns me.

You might want to seperate him from the rest, it could be contagious.

Many prayers & Let us know how it goes!
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The blood in the stool is ok, he probably just has irritated his bowels enough to cause this. Usuallly if the blood that is found is brown, then that's more internal and more serious. I would just keep an eye on the little one and see how he does. I would try them on some water to lap up as well.

Thanks for saving the babies. I have yet to find any in my yard and I hope I never do. It is people like you who help to save lives and it's appreciated by all.

Oh and if you feel the runs have been going on too long, give the kitten some Bene-bac(available at Petsmart)...its beneficial bacteria and can become depleated when they have the runs.
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Katkisses: He was wormed at 9am this morning and is on "Albon" to try and treat any Coccidia. The skim milk was all through Saturday as I could not get to a store and feared they would die if they didn't get liquid.

skewch: The blood is bright red and seems to be trace within the feces. I'll keep an eye on it. I also have some anti-diareah medication that has Kao-peptin that the vet suggested. I'm just concerned about giving it to him today since he was just de-wormed and given his first dose of "Albon". What do you all think?

Thanks again to both of you!
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My gut reaction is to call a vet tonight and ask about any potential side effects from the dewormer and the albon. Bright red blood in stool can be an indication of something very serious (panleuk) and should not be taken lightly. But Albon is a very strong drug and does wreck havoc with their digestive system. Some vets suggest that you give small doses of yogurt while on it to restore their internal bacterial balance.

Look for any lethargy, fever. abdominal pain and repeat vomiting. Check him for dehydration. If you are seeing any other symptoms, I suggest getting him to a vet immediately. If he seems OK overnight, call your vet first thing in the morning.

Sending that the little guy is OK and just reacting to the medication.
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I called the vet this morning (4th time in 3 days) and he said not to worry, that it was most likely from the de-wormer
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Those kittens were lucky you came along. Best of luck to you!
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Thank you! And thanks to all of you for all the help!
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Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job taking care of the kittens How many kittens are there?? We just took in 2 4wk old kittens on Tuesday and they are such a joy to have around!!
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Thank you! There were 3. I found a home for 1 and am raising 2 more myself. These are the first kittens I've ever found. They are a blast, but a lot of work too!
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I second Bene-Bac. You can get it on Petsmart or Petco, and it is of great help for weaning kittens. It is very very cheap, and it will do miracles in stopping the diarrhea by regulating the good bacteria in the GI tract.
IMO anti-diarrhea medicine is not a good idea at the moment, since they took a dewormer and Albon; diarrhea is a way to flush the body of toxins and bad bacteria - the best way to deal with type of diarrhea is to increase the # of good bacteria to fight the bad ones out.
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