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Any ideas?

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My cat, Daisy, is 14 months old. I got her at 4 months from the Humane Society. She's NEVER, EVER had an accident before.

Okay, here's the story: Daisy is (always has been) an indoor only cat. She's never been out at all. We moved about 9 months ago to a new apartment, and everything was fine for the first 8 months. The last month however, she has been acting a little weird - I chalked it up to spring fever. But it's getting weirder - she won't walk across the change of flooring from carpeting to wood. She JUMPS over it. And she paws at things like they might be alive - like a book lying on my bed. Really tenuous acting. The bathroom where the litter box is kept has tile flooring (those old 1" tiles) in a pattern. Lately she'll walk to the door and act scared. IF she enters, it's like she scared of the room/floor! I don't get it! I scoop the box everyday, so it's not that.

My son, 16, who usually lives with his dad has been staying with me for the last week. Daisy knows him; he's visited before, but not for this long. I wonder if she's upset because she doesn't have the house to herself all day.

Daisy has lots of toys, a scratching post, and a bed she won't sleep in. She generally sleeps with me which makes pooping in HER bed difficult to understand.

Please help - I can't figure it out!
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This may sound really off the wall but I wonder if she has maybe gotten into something she shouldn't have?

Maybe something your son had or has? She might not be feeling well.

Just a thought

Good Luck!

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Other than your son, has anything else changed? New flooring at all? Any home improvements?

Is Daisy spayed?
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