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Vibes for my brother if anyone can spare them...

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I just spoke with my mom and last night my younger brother was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. They don't know what stage it's at but at this point it looks like he'll need weekly injections to get it under control and will need to redo his diet.

I'm worried about him, but on the other hand I'm glad they figured it out. He's strugged with hypothyroidism, kidney stones and mood swings since college and in a way it's comforting to know it has a name and a treatment. I'm still worried about him thou, so if anyone could spare some vibes I'd really appreciate it.
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Most certainly. He will be in my Prayers and get well for your brother.
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Absolutely! and prayers for him and your family!
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Glad they figured out what is wrong with him
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I hope his treatment works well for him. Many vibes for your brother and family.
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Oh no!..... what a bad new for you and family......

Of course count with my best wishes..............
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Certainly for your brother. that now that his problems have a name and a treatment, things will settle down for him.
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Oh that must be difficult, but at least its finally diagnosed.

Sending vibes that he adjusts well.

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Here's some that your brother gets the treatment he needs and gets back to normal soon!!
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Prayers for your brother.
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for your brother
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and prayers for your brother.
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Lots of prayers and vibes coming his way...

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It is one of those things where you're not happy with the news, but at least there's an answer to ongoing problems - and better yet, a solution!

Lots of vibes headed his way.

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Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. Even when this kind of diagnosis isn't yours, it kind of throws you for a loop.

I hope this doesn't sound awful, but it is a bit of a load off to know exactly what the problem is, especially since he's been having so many issues lately. My brother's not thrilled, but he's not doing badly. He started treatment the other night and seems to be doing okay (the initial injections can make you really sick) I'm just checking in with him and I'll see hi on the weekend.

Thanks again for the support. It feels better just to be able to talk about it a bit.
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Of course you may have a great big shipment of vibes! Brothers are precious... I don't know what I'd do without mine. I hope yours will be stable and healthy soon!
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for your brother!
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