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I cut my finger BAD!!

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I have a weed cutter,that is hand held,powered with a 12 volt battery,well I somehow got my thumb in the way!And I cut a big deep chunk out of it!It is about the size of a dime,about 6 layer's down and hurt's like h**l!!!!!!!There wasn't any stitching ,the skin is gone!It is throbbing!
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Sherral, are you sure you don't need stitches? Make sure you get the peroxide out and clean the cut really good. Since the weed eater probably had lots of germies on it, you could easily get infection in it. Also put some triple antibotic ointment (neosporin or something like it) on it to prevent the infection. As for the pain, if I were you I'd take some Advil or Tylenol. It will help a bit.

Dang girl, I bet that did hurt like crazy! Don't ya know that your fingers should be FAR away from those things?
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I do hope you went to the doctor's even though it is Sunday? If you have Betadine Scrub, scrub it out good and put an antibiotic ointment on it. If it is still bleeding in a few hours, please go have it checked.
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There wasn't ant thing to stitch,there is just a big hole! I washed it out real good,and have been putting neosporin on it,just took a asprin. Ted won't let me touch it again!(weed cutter)
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Sherral, put a gauze pad on it or a big bandaid. That way you won't get anything in it that doesn't belong there.

Have you ever used a new product called BandAid HurtFree Antiseptic Foam? I've seen it at work & on TV, but haven't tried it yet. It cleans the wound really good, but it also has a pain reliever in it too.

I agree with MA, if it doesn't stop bleeding in a couple of hours...definitely call the Dr! Also, I wouldn't take Aspirin for pain with a cut. It will thin your blood and can make it bleed more.
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I haven't heard of the foam,I will have to look for it tommorrow. Thanks! I have a finger tip band-aid on it right now,it hurts more if it isn't covered!
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You just tell Ted that yard work is for a MAN! Make him do the dishes tonight so you can keep your hand dry.
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LOL I keep telling him I can't do anything! It hurts to bad,and I can not get it wet!!All I can do is play here! I can type with one hand!
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I would have a doc look at it..sounds like you need mediical attention for that...OUCH..now my thumb hurts.... Hope it feels better soon!
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How long has it been since your last tetanus shot? If its been more than 7-10 years, you need another one.

For a thumb, tubegauze is a good bandage.
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Everybody's so helpful! There is also this new band-aid out called liquid band aid I think. If that's not what it's called - then that is the description for it. You roll or paint it on and it seals the wound like a second skin. They use it at my work for bedsores it's called 3M Spray. and it's a spray- not a paint-on. It's waterproof too! (but Ted doesn't need to know that! )
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Thanks, I had the tetanus shot in 2002.It feels better today as lond a I leave it covered!
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