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RIP Little Kitten

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This is for the kitten that we lost.

RIP kitten, you were not with us long enough to give you a name. We did everything we could to save you, but it was not meant to be. You were only with us for an hour, but I will never forget you. You will always hold a spot in my heart. Please rest in peace.
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RIP, sweetie. Your life was much too short.
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Rest in Peace Little Kitten.
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Have fun at the bridge pumpkin

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RIP Kitty-Baby
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Sometimes the ones you lose the quickest are the ones that hurt the most. Even if it may have had only an hour of love it's entire life, I'm glad you were there to give it that hour.
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Rest in peace little one.
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Condolences on losing your kitten. As I once heard in a song, Love can be for moment, Love comes with no guarantees, Love can last for a season, or it can last eternally....Clearly, that precious hour has created an eternal love that shines brightly from over the Bridge - Play happily with our other RB kitties, little treasure
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Rest In Peace sweetie
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This is late, but please know, and know this to your soul, you did everything you could.
You singing to her while she passed away, so beautiful, she passed the bridge with you there for her. I am crying.
I think she chose that calm, that nice, of you and her to leave this world. She did it for you, to help you with this. She knew the decision you struggled with, and knew she had to go now.
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She knew.She knows.She passed on but I honestly feel she sensed or felt that you were trying to ease her suffering and that made a big difference in her young kitten soul.It takes a special person to love an animal so much that,despite the innevitable pain,you choose the joy of the "now".
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RIP little kitten
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R.I.P sweet little angel
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