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Cat showing respect?

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Hello everyone! I took in a male stray (1-2yrs old) and whenever my older cat (he is 16) comes to the same bowl to eat...the male stray will look at him walk away and lay down and wait until the senior is done eating before he comes back to finish...also I've seen him do this also when he is sunning himself and my older cat wants the spot he gets up and moves...is this like a cat hierarchy? Just curious! Thank you! Clare
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Ah, yes, rather typical signs.

Homeless taken in, especielly shy homeless, are usually submissive to the residents and often try also to please themselves in.

Exceptions DO occurs, the most notable is non shy territorial toms who are often nice to the humans, but may beat up the residents...

But as a rule of thumb, situation in your home is just like from the school book.

Tx for helping this guy!
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Awww, thats nice. Looks like he knows his place. Do they each have their own bowl though? It would be a good idea if they don't.

Great you are helping this guy out.
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consider yourself lucky, every time i bring in a new cat, they think they're gonna run the show and it's chaos until they work it all out
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Yes it is, however, cats are not as strict like a dog pack would be and the hierarchy changes more often. But basically its:

1. Tom cats
2. Queens
3. Altered male or female
4. Kittens
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