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Video: kittens new cat tree

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The little girls got a cat tree tonight Well, Stumpy "let" them use the one she sleeps in... The kittens need to learn to jump, climb, scale and do all those kitten-y things. They just plain old fell off for no apparent reasons a couple of times which made me giggle (and worry!).

Anyway, so here they are checking it out:
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What a couple of cuties! They looked like they were having fun.
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What cuties! Sometimes it just strikes me more strongly than usual how precious kitties are. They look like they're having fun. I loved watching the more adventurous one playing with the toy.

The one that's on the bottom level of the tree at the beginning of the video reminds me sooo much of a foster I just found a home for. I miss him!
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I think they are little monkeys dressed up as kittens

They remind me of Ducky and Kiko when they were babies
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The best part was when Kate fell off the middle platform and then started attacking Sun's tail, sometime around the middle of the video. It made me giggle.
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Yeah - they are definitely getting the hang of the cat tree! Just adorable!
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Kate's definitely the daredevil of the two, isn't she! She scooted to the top like it was nothing, whereas Sun sought comfort on your lap after things didn't exactly go her way.

I cannot believe how big they are!
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Aw, that's a great video of the two girls having a blast. They are so cute as they wriggle their way up the tree. I laughed out loud the first time one of them flipped off it. Kate looks like quite the little instigator.
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They are so cute, looks like they are definitely getting the hang of it, after falling off and getting right back on. So cute, it made me laugh!!
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That was absolutely adorable! I kept cracking up ! They are precious and so happy with their new kitty condo!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I think they are little monkeys dressed up as kittens

My thoughts exactly!

They're so adorable and sure are fast learners about how to climb using the post instead of trying to drag themselves up at the edge.

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OMG how funny and unbelievably cute!! My they are so full of peepee and vinegar!! That's such great excersize and learning experience for them.
I love watching kittens at play videos!! Thanks for posting it! I'm going to go watch it again....
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