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Rest well Roy Boy

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Our neighbors dog Roy crossed last night, most likely from a massive stroke. He died with a smile on his face and his tail still wagging in his daddy's arms. The night before I watched him chase coyotes off of their property. He was a very large "black" dog about 12 years old. He lived outside all of his life as he never really wanted to come inside a home. In spite of the fact that he was a big ol' farm dog, he always had a smile on his face and a wag in his tail.

We got to know Roy very well in the last few years since we moved into this house. He was part of our extended dog pack - hanging out in the yard with our 3 dogs and sitting with us on the deck when his "people" were over to visit. Lola particularly liked him and would tease him all the time. We babysat him for 10 days just recently while they were on vacation.

Roy came inside our house for the first time on Friday night. I watched him chase a cat one time and never fully trusted him inside with all our cats. For some reason (probably because he was so old), I let him inside on Friday. Stumpy immediately started to herd him in a corner and Scarlett gave him her christening thwack. Our neighbor's daughter teased us that coming inside of our house was the last thing on Roy's bucket list.

Roy Boy, you will be missed. Your best friend Vadar will be lost without you, but we'll do what we can to help her transition in life without you. We promise to keep her occupied with our 3 dogs in your absence.

Romp freely my big ol' Roy.
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I'm so sorry for your neighbour's and your loss. Roy sounds like a very special dog

Rest in Peace, Roy
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Have a lovely new life at the bridge Roy but be nice to the kitties!

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RIP sweet Roy
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RIP, Roy. You'll be missed.
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Rest in Peace Roy.
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I couldn't post this last night because it was still a bit too raw. We buried Roy in back of our neighbors house last night then planted an oak tree by his grave. Roy was a large dog and it took us quite some time to dig out his grave. Digging a hole to bury a beloved pet isn't easy, and it's not so much the physical exertion as it is the thought of what comes next. I gave myself a dose of strength and offered to cover him up once we laid him in the grave. The first shovel of dirt is always the hardest part, and our neighbors family was all in tears by then. We all cried as we covered him, then talked about all the good times we had with him.

Roy always walked across the street to greet me when I came home from work. He'd stand in our driveway and politely wag his tail until I called him with a "hi Roy Boy", then would saunter up for some pets before I went inside the house. I know Roy was just the "neighbor", but I already miss him. Our yard is the gathering place for the doggie "kids" in the neighborhood. We'd go out with our dogs and would sometimes have 10 dogs out romping together in the yard with us. Roy ruled all, and its going to be interesting to see how the dynamics in the neighborhood change with him gone.

The oak tree we planted was a symbol of his strength in life. His body will give it strength to grow.
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That's beautiful. RIP Roy.
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