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Tribute to Sasha

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I'd like to make a tribute to my beautiful sweet Sasha.

I met Sasha about 6 years ago. I had arrived at my boyfriends apartment one night and as I was walking up to the door.. Sasha seemed to appear out of nowhere. She walked towards me. I found this odd.. as many outside cats do not immediately walk up to strangers. I bent down and pet her. She was SO sweet. As I walked to my bf's apt she followed me. Later I found out she belonged to one of the neighbors in the complex. My bf introduced us and we became friends. Every time I came to my boyfriends house, Sasha would greet me as I got out of the car. What a sweet cat.. I wanted to take her home

After maybe a year or so, Rick (the owner of sasha) had to move out of his apartment. He was moving a mile or so away into his grandmothers old house. Alex the cat was left there when she passed. Rick's dad had been coming over to feed him. Rick wasnt sure about taking Sasha with him because of Alex. So I offered to take care of Sasha (by this time I had moved in with my bf.. he was ok with this).. since the complex was the only home she's known for the last 6 years or so (we guessed her age, Rick wasnt exactly sure). After only two months, my bf and I decided to move to a larger apartment. They would not take pets So.. I told Rick about it and begged him to take her.. there were ways of introducing other cats to each other.

I helped take Sasha to Ricks house.. we kept her inside for 2 weeks and Alex outside. Since she grew up and outdoor/indoor cat eventually we let her out. She was fabulous.. she stayed in the yard and only travelled a few houses down occasionally.

I went to see Sasha every day after work at ricks house (He gave me a key) for 3 years. I loved Sasha so much. She was so friendly, such a people cat.. so playful.. such great company.

Then she started losing weight. She had started getting diareah and vomiting. We took her to the vet. The vet suspected IBD. So we did an endoscopy. She confirmed IBD. So Sad. She told me IBd was not curable but maintainable.. so I had hope. The vet put her on prednisone. We waited.. 2 months go by.. she doesnt gain weight.. in fact she still loses it. She went from 9lbs to about 5.4 pounds in 4 months. So we try a stronger medication on top of the prednisone. Doesnt help. I hated having to give her that medicine. Finally.. she stopped eating. She was just moping around, so skinny, so sad... It was time to put her down. The vet said she probly had some cancer that they could not see with the endoscopy. I was angry at the vet for awhile but realized she did try to help Sasha.. and it is hard to find diseases in animals. To this day I still wish I knew what happened to Sasha.

I'm glad that Sasha was a great part of my life for 5 years. I will always remember her. I have her collar hanging on my bulliten board with her picture. I cry for her once in awhile. She was so special. I know she has crossed Rainbow Bridge. I hope to see her someday.

RIP Sasha

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She was a beautiful cat, and it sounds like she was wrapped in your arms of love and caring. No animal could ask for more, than one person that loves them to make that ultimate sacrifice, and make it out of love.

Cats are so adept at hiding their pain, it is a learned response. YOu did your best for her and someday you and Sasha will be together again. Hold on to your memories and shed those tears for her Sicy- it part of the path back to healing.
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Thank you hissy... your words mean a lot
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She didn't die alone, and she didn't die unloved and unwanted. Without you she probably would have been left on her own, but you were her own special kind of angel. Take heart, grieve, and continue to remember her. *hugs* She's moved on to a place without pain and one day you'll see her again.
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Aww I'm going to cry again lol...
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A beautiful tribute to a beautiful cat. Sasha was a lucky little girl to have found her own living guardian angel. I'm quite sure she loved you as much as you love her still.
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Sasha sounds like she was a special Kitty.
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I love the pic of her sitting up. Thank you for sharing. She sounds wonderful, and you had a special relationship.

No words can help heal the pain, and you've heard them already. You made a difference in her life and she in yours, and there's no replacing that. You tried so hard to do what you could for her, and I am positive she knew that. She knew happiness and love from the time you entered her life, and I am sure there's nothing more important to her than that.

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You were her angel, and now she's yours... (Only with fur)
God Bless.
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As I was sitting here reading this my eyes filled with tears. Sasha had a very special friend in you and was lucky to have known you. The picture of her is adorable she looks like my Oscar, which made this tribute touch my heart even more.

I know that no words can take away the pain of losing a special friend but you will see her again someday. You truly are a
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Thank you for your words, its so hard to come back to this thread sometimes cuz now I'm crying again.. lol
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Wow! A lovely story about Sasha, she loved you and you loved her,you were lucky to know each other, she was a beautiful cat.

I'm sorry! R.I.P Sasha

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