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Introducing two adult cats

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I'm getting Fin a companion. The shelter has a promo deal this month that I just found out about (even though I rent from and am best friends with a member of the shelter's board of directors), all spayed and neutered cats are just $25. I was already considering it, but $65 was a little high for this month. $25 is awesome! Includes vaccinations, microchipping, and 30 days vet insurance.

So I'm heading over this afternoon. I think new cat can hang out in the bathroom like Fin did for his first couple weeks, to integrate with the dogs. But litterbox is in the bathroom. I might be able to set up another, but not too easily, my apt is tiny.

Can I put Fin in there too? I can vanilla noses.

Fin is young and easygoing.

Send me that the maine coon is still there! (and has the qualities I want)

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Okay, all kinda moot now

I got him. Found a sweet, mellow, male cat in the altered cat room at the shelter. There were about 5 or 6 cats in there. I put him nose to nose with a couple, one hissed at him. He ignored it. I walked him past the puppy run and he didn't even flinch.

I took him home .

The shelter had named him Megus (and pronounced it May-gus). He's now Max.

He was so mellow at the shelter, that I just brought him home and showed him the litterbox (litterbox resides in the shower when the shower is not in use, he has obviously had a couple baths in his lifetime, oops), then I gave him another litterbox on the bathroom floor, incase he won't use it in the shower. Then I showed him the food bowls, which happened to be near Fin. Fin sniffed, no hissing, nothing. Let my little dog in, they sniffed noses. He seemed dog-friendly. Brought in my kelpie, the real test. She's scared of cats, so their relationship depended on whether or not he hissed at her. He didn't. She wagged her tail and sniffed him, he rubbed against her head.

Perfect. Couldn't have gone better.

He's HUGE, could stand to lose a pound or two (or more, hehe). But he's still gonna be a big cat. Shorthaired, gray/black tabby with white belly and feet.
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Congratulations! Bless you for giving Max a home.
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