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Frustrated @ work, thoughts?

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Hey guys, I think I need some input on this, if anyone has any for me.
I really don't care for my boss, but I'm staying where I am now because I'm hoping that it will get better (I've only been there a few months) and with jobs the way they are today finding another would be a problem. Anyhow, it's not exactly that we don't get along, but everyone in the office complains about her because she's just...well she's just unpleasant. For example, she'll tell me to do something and then the next day or the next week she'll yell at me for doing it. When I say yell she doesnt actually raise her voice, but any time she says anything negative to me I feel like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. Which is unusual for me. Everyone says don't take it personally (because she's like that to everyone) and I usually dont take anything personally but for some reason she has this effect on me. She told me not to bother cleaning the anasthesia machine because I'm not a tech and she doesnt feel comfortable with me doing it (I couldnt figure out why the oxygen wouldnt turn off, nobody told me it was a different bottle than the usual and I've cleaned it plenty before) that's all she said but I feel like calling up and saying I quit and going to cry myself sick because I feel so bad and I can be miserable working anywhere. And even she says her "bark is worse than her bite" if I could just get over feeling like this every time she says something to me I'm sure things will get better eventually. Does anyone have any thoughts for how I should stop being so thin skinned and just let everything she says go in one ear and out the other (more or less)?
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I recommend trying to find something you two have in common so she can see you as a human being and someone she can talk to. Do your best to not let her see she's bugging you, which may be what her motivation is.
I've worked with and for plenty of difficult people and it's tough to let some things roll off your back, but it's sure worth a try!
Good luck
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