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Easily grossed out? You're probably a conservative

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Don't blame me, I found this and thought it was too bizarre not to share.

Are you someone who squirms when confronted with slime, shudders at stickiness or gets grossed out by gore? Do crawly insects make you cringe or dead bodies make you blanch?

If so, chances are you're more conservative -- politically, and especially in your attitudes toward gays and lesbians -- than your less-squeamish counterparts, according to two Cornell studies.

The results, said study leader David Pizarro, Cornell assistant professor of psychology, raise questions about the role of disgust -- an emotion that likely evolved in humans to keep them safe from potentially hazardous or disease-carrying environments -- in contemporary judgments of morality and purity.

"People have pointed out for a long time that a lot of our moral values seem driven by emotion, and in particular, disgust appears to be one of those emotions that seems to be recruited for moral judgments," said Pizarro.

What can I say - being a dog owner I left "gross" behind a long time ago.
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That's too funny!

I'm not grossed out by much. I prefer not to be entertained with gore, but I can watch it. Bugs and snakes don't get to me. I like snakes, and if I could have one that I wouldn't have to feed little live or newly dead critters to I would have one or more. I just feel too badly for the food to have a snake. I come from a family of hunters, and rode along on my first hunt when I fit in a peach crate between the seats of the Scout (before baby seats were mandatory), and remember being in elementary school when we learned about human anatomy (the inside parts) and asking my father to show me the parts when he field dressed the antelope. I read books about forensics and serial killers for years on end, and love true crime shows. What I hate are when they recreate the crime scenes and clean them up for the TV. I love shows like Dead Men Talking that's about what the autopsy tells them about the crime.

I realize it's a generalization, but all of the conservatives I know are not grossed out by much of anything!
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I'm not either. Puke kinda gets to me, but seeing blood and/or guts doesn't bother me.
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and I'm a liberal and get grossed out by everything! I'm terrified of spiders and snakes and creepy-crawlies, human bodily secretions/fluids make me wanna barf...of course kitty stuff is ok

you make a good point about the hunting thing though, Heidi. In my experience more conservatives tend to be hunters than liberals, and hunting definitely involves yucky stuff so really, this study makes no sense to me!
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Originally Posted by 2dogmom View Post
What can I say - being a dog owner I left "gross" behind a long time ago.
Dogs do far more gross stuff than cats!

One time my OTB Ellie Mae regurgitated something that she found outside. I'll try to keep this as non-gross as possible, but let's say that what she found had been long dead and it had already been taken over by crawling white critters. The original thing was dead. The white critters were still alive and kicking. Ellie Mae became DH's dog when it was time to clean it up.

I'm a liberal, but have to admit that actually grossed me out. Other than that, I have a really strong stomach.
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I'm a conservative, but very little grosses me out. Not fond of seeing nosebleeds, I must say, nor watching eye surgery (have no idea why these things make me a bit twitchy), but I take take blood and gore (just not Al Gore!--sorry; had to say that in the spirit of being a good Republican!).

Honestly, I think most women aren't sqeaumish about blood, for example, because they menstruate; then they have babies--and those bring a whole new set of gross body fluids to deal with up close and personal every day! Most of the people I know who are scared of blood are men, oddly.

In fact, I've had a life-long interest in true crime, esp. murder/forensics. While I don't care to dwell on the ghastly pics on the books, I like enjoy the science behind it all.
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I'm pretty conservative. However, the only things I can't stand are slugs, roaches or needles. I am not squeemish about yucky stuff for the most part.
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