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My Parents Were Here Today And...

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we decided to go shopping. I was looking at the cat toys in one of the stores we went to and saw a Cy-Purr Mouse. I thought it was cute and bought it for Snowball. When we got back to my place I put the toy down on the floor next to him. When he touched the toy with his paw, it started talking, laughing, moving erratically, and the eyes started flashing! When he touched the toy a SECOND time the very same thing happened! And POOR Snowball!!! He just didn't know what to think of all this and started sniffing around on the floor just in case that strange thing was leaving a scent trail. I hope he eventually likes his new toy, and just wanted to share.
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Lorie can you get a picture of this toy and Snowball interacting? I would love to see that!
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I could catch a shot of either my 2 or my friends' 2 with this toy. Unfortunately you wouldn't be seeing too many cats. All 4 were scared to death of this thing!
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Is it the same as a Panic Mouse? Those I have seen...
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Haha.. poor baby. She might come around after she gets used to it.

Zoey has a panic mouse.. but she ripped the toy off at the end on the first day.

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Ooo that looks cool.
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I got Ivo the Cy-Purr Mouse, and she's scared to death of it. I found it's really loud, so loud it even bothers me. So, now it's sitting in a pile with the rest of the toys Ivo doesn't like.

MA-The Cy-Purr Mouse I bought was a metallic teal plastic mouse-shaped toy with green eyes and a little tail (but it's about the size of your hand). It has wheels which spin around, and it responds to touch by spinning around and making lots of noise.
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...and here's the text that goes with the picture I posted.

Cy-purr Mouse Sound Activated Cat Toy
How many cat toys offer your kitty the challenge she's looking for? The Cy-purr Mouse sure does! At first glance, it's just a futuristic mouse, but one touch of the paw or one meow and it springs to life; zig-zagging in unpredictable directions, with eyes flashing and taunting your cat with supersonic vocal sounds. Then after 15 seconds, it stops, just waiting for your cat to come and get it again. For extra fun, place the Cypurr mouse in a paper bag or under a blanket!

okeefecl, Well...yes it is loud.
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I got one of the gray one My cat's hate it! So do I !!
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Hmm maybe we should offer a forum where we all swap toys that our cats don't like between us? There has to be some toys sitting in Lorie's pile, that Christy's cat might enjoy! LOL I know I have a ton of toys here that my cats gave a once over and then rejected- leading me to ask myself, if the person behind the invention even knows what a cat is?

It could be a mail-swap toy drive....LOL
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Hissy Cats are just like kids,spend $100.00 on toys and they play with the box,it came in!!!!!
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I dont know any cat that doesnt like the laser pointer.

Zoey climbs walls
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In the past, we tried to use a laser pointer to play with Snowball, but he didn't seem to be able to see the light.

Where I live, the pet supply departments in various stores seem to have a lot of toys and products for dogs, and only a limited supply for cats. Is that true for the rest of you?
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Yes! I have seen that. My cats love the laser light!
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Wow that's odd.. those laser pointers are so bright! Try it at night time when the house is dark

Yeah at our Petco you should see the dog toy isle Its like 2 isles FILLED with dog toys and the cat section only has one isle.
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I now shop on LOL I know, what a surprise huh?
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Oh my gosh.. is great.. never been to that site before.. thank you!!

*checks her pocketbook
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It's the sister site to this one. We started it September 10th of last year. We keep GrOwInG!
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I've got that toy called Cy-Purr Mouse and wholy annoying! IT's alright at first, but in the middle of the night you would hear "uh-oh! hee hee hee" and we would groan and argue over who left it on.
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It sounds like YOUR cats aren't afraid of it.
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I have a Cy-purr Mouse too, and I think I have only turned it on twice. I find it too loud, and the cats aren't all that interested in it, so it sits on the floor collecting dust .
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A toy swap sounds neat!!! Unfortunally I use pipe cleaner toys, I make myself, celophane (sp?)balls, and balls that rattle. I have a toy that I bought at the dollar store that hooks to the bottom of the door, they like that too.
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Tamme - your post made me giggle this morning! Reminds me of parents after Christmas is over and the toys are all around the house some activated, some not! LOL But the cats who belong to all who gather here aren't spoiled are they? I don't think so!
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