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The waters are waiting to welcome you

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I'm posting this for the poor old beaver that had been struck several times by boat props over the weekend.

I'm sorry that you came ashore to rest and go peacefully, only to be the subject of too many curious people.
You came back last night and the nice lady from Animal Control cried as she loaded you up, apologizing for the cruelties of the world and promising you a peaceful end.

Your pain is gone now, your flesh whole and I know that the waters at The Bridge will welcome you, and our beloved departed pets will welcome the wisdom of your old age.
Play well old beaver, and find your lost friends.
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The poor thing, what an awful way to go

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RIP, little beaver.
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RIP Beaver
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Yeah its really a crappy way to go, but I'm really glad Animal Control showed him some love and sympathy before he went.

Rest in Peace, little beaver
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Enjoy your reward over RB, dear beaver - poor thing, another victim of human encroachment on his habitat...there will be plenty of ancestors to welcome you on the Other Side
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RIP sweet Beaver, I know you´re in best place right now than Earth!

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