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Show results and crying

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I just got back from the Global Egyptian Maus Society all-breed show in Pennsylvania. I am now officially a crazy cat lady, as I drove 6 hours to catch a 5 hour plane ride and then drove a further 2 hours just to attend a one day show... and, of course, deliver the kitten-back required for my contract in purchasing Skylark. I brought two kittens, and both were entered in the show, but one had to be pulled out so I only have results for one from my breeding. It was good to get them out there though, and compare my results with the best Mau breeders in North America.

The kitten my breeder is keeping did pretty good, considering that there were 12 Mau kittens and a total of 30+ kittens to compete against. She didn't final, but she got a number of second best colour and one best colour. She got one second best Mau kitten. Her main competition was a 7 month old silver male, and he was really well developed. One judge really, really liked her face and expression but said that her coat needs to come in before she will be stunning. I have no fears that she won't grand after a few more shows.

I had to leave at 2:30am Saturday night to get back to my flight, and had a bit of an emotional breakdown. I have raised my kittens underfoot, and they trust me. I knew that I was going to miss left-spot, but I am happy with her new home. I was just feeling like I was abandoning her, and that she wasn't going to understand why I left her. Giving hernia-kitten to my sister wasn't as hard, I guess because I will see her whenever I want. Left-spot is now a continent away.

I have another show on June 27, and I am delivering a kitten at that show as well. I think that she will be the hardest to part with as she has been our favourite since birth. She is pet-quality though, and needs a great home. My show kitten, Safiya, has some infected scratches on her neck and is on meds. If they don't clear up, then I won't have a kitten for that show either.

So, my goals at this point, after attending my first show with my first litter are to continue to show my kitten once she is healthy and happy, keep an eye out for a complimentary queen for my program, and do a repeat breeding of Tsekani and Skylark in the late fall.

The two kittens who attended the show were well adjusted and sweet. They weren't afraid of the judges or cages, and just did a bit of meowing while they waited. I think they inherited Tsekani's temperament. He was a big suck for attention at his shows.
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Congrats, and I know exactly how you feel when the babies are leaving. Its hard, darn hard, but knowing they go to good homes is worth it. I went thru the same emotions when my kits were ready to leave. You miss them a lot.

But if you remember to take lots of pictures growing up and hopefully get the new owners to send a few "grown up" photos from time to time, its no so bad.

Best wishes for future shows. We don't have anything till in August, when Jack goes in the alter class and against the 'big boys"
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Congrats on the show.
Cleo has no shows until August then there is a least one every month after that.
Maybe the people that take your kittens will send pictures and give updates how they are doing.
Maybe one of the kittens will final next time.
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I am entering my 2 sphynx girls in the show in Edmonton at the end of July. Because it is the NW regional, the entry clerk told me there will be sphynx there, so at least I will be able to see other sphynx and see how my girls do against other sphynx. I am so excited to show them off and see how they do. The clerk said that if they do well, they could end up a Champion in this show alone....still don't understand all of the points etc, but she is benching me with another sphynx owner/breeder who can help explain all of it LOL
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IMO you wouldn't be human if you didn't shed a tear over a kitten you raised going to a new home.

And kittens wanting attention (at shows or otherwise!) is always a good thing, and something to be proud of too, if you raise confidant kittens you know they will easily adjust and settle in when they go to their new homes - you are giving them the best possible start in life, and they will bring other people a lot of joy
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