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cat hair

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I need help. We have a cat that we have had for almost 4yrs and we love him but the cat hair is really becomimg a problem for me. It is in everything, blinds, vents, furniture, beds, you name it its there. Even when I try to roll over at night I get cat hair in my face. I clean and vaccum twice a week but it just flys everywhere.
He will not allow you to brush him and he has long hair.I can deal with it getting on the furniture and vaccuming it up but getting into the air and places that you dont see that is the problem
Is there anything that will help with it getting into the air?
Can anyone help
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Hi Lynn-

I recently got a unit in to review that clears the air of all the nasties that are in it. Since installing it, I have noticed a marked difference in the quality of air in the room.

Here is the link to the product, I highly recommend it for what you are dealing with. And for getting hair off furniture, the best thing is a brush that you use on a horse. Works great!

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Or you can have him groomed. We have a long hair cat and I have his hair cut to 1 inch on his body and shaved on his belly and under arm areas. This has helped alot with the cat hair problem in the house. I used to find hair, big balls of hair everywhere and now it is gone. So having him groomed will help alot. Clara
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Hi! Grooming and bathing helps. Taking them to the groomer is great! I've seen remedies in pet stores to stop shedding and I've often wonder if they help. Good luck!

Tammie & Peaches
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