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Vibes for Jack

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I have to take Jack to the vet this evening where he will be staying overnight. He is having several tests while under anesthesia tomorrow including a tumor biopsy.

I am nervous about all of it, the trip to the vet in the car, leaving him there, the anesthesia, the results of the tests and how he will be when I get to bring him home.
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Oh poor baby Heres hoping every thing will go well for him ^_^
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Originally Posted by lunacy95 View Post
I am nervous about all of it, the trip to the vet in the car, leaving him there, the anesthesia, the results of the tests and how he will be when I get to bring him home.
Boy, do I know that feeling. It is nerve-wracking.

Is there any way that you could bring Jack first thing in the morning instead of this evening? You and he would probably be much happier if he didn't have to spend the night. It would especially be much less stressful for Jack.
Talk to the vet - this should be fine as long as you get him there early.

If you haven't already done so, tell the vet your concerns about anesthesia. He can explain what they use, the safety, possible side effects, how long Jack will be under and when to expect the effects to wear off.

Most vets will not (and should not) release cats who are still showing the after-effects of anesthesia. Jack may be a bit wobbly when home - they'll advise you to keep him from jumping or going up and down stairs - but he should be able to stand and walk.

Lots of vibes going out to your handsome boy Please be sure to let us know how he's doing. Hang in there - I know this is tough!
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Many Prayers and for your little Jack.
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I'm praying all goes well with your Jack. He sure is a cutie!
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Well, Jack has to spend another night at the vets this evening. Simply to recover from being under anesthesia. The lump was removed and sent to be biopsied so we have to wait for that. We will also be waiting for the allergy via blood test.

His White blood cell count was too low, his kidney and liver stuff were both low also... and his bowel wall is thickened. They reran The FIV/Luekemia tests, they were negative. The early renal failure stuff was negative. And all the tests on the stool sample were negative too.

So in summation. Jack is still sick and we don't know why yet.

The good news, when they gave him food this evening he didn't go all "Cujo" on the person putting the food in the pen.

poor Jack.
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Awwww, the poor baby

I am sending many healthy vibes his way.

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Poor little Jack, many more Prayers and for him.
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So, I picked Jack up today. He was home a grand total of 2 hours when he had to go back. He used his back foot to rip open the incision on his back between his shoulder blades. That was terrifying.

My vet and I have decided to keep him there until he has recovered enough to not need confined, and perhaps have the incision more fully healed.

On the plus side... he had a very normal poop today. For the first time in 2 months!
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Oh, no. Poor sweet baby. Sending lots and lots of .
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Jack has been doing better and I should be able to bring him home tomorrow... assuming he behaves and doesn't rip open the incision or anything. Also the biopsy results came it, the tumor was benign!

He hasn't had any diarrhea since starting all the supplements and prescription allergy food. I can't believe its been over 2 weeks!

Thanks for the vibes everyone! Here's to continued better health!
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I'm so happy things are looking better for Jack, continued Prayers and for a full recovery.
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Wonderful news about Jack, especially that the lump is benign!!!

Which supplements is he taking, and what is the food he's on now?

Very glad to hear he's doing so much better - hope he continues to quickly improve.
Lots of good thoughts going out to Jack.

Thanks so much for letting us know how he's doing. Please keep us updated.
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After being home for one night his diarrhea returned with a vengance. I changed his cat litter to a clay litter, and we added two more remedies to his supplements and he has been doing well since. (About 2 weeks now)

The incision from the tumor removal is pretty much completely healed.

The lab that received his blood for the allergy tests lost it, and by the time they located it... too late. Jack has a follow-up appointment for repeat blood work, so we will redo the test then... and probably look in to backing off the supplements and remedies a bit.

Meantime he is taking Bene-Bac, Prozyme, Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clay, Silver Biotic, and a stress reducing herbal thing I can't recall the name of.

Who would have guessed how happy I would be to be back to wishing Jack would calm down!

Again I want to thank everyone for the vibes and recommendations. Especially whoever it was a while back that specifically suggested I find a holistic vet.
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