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Did my cat have a seizure?

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My kitty Abbey is 11 and has always been in good health. Last night she was sleeping, and she started violently flipping over, that's the best I can describe it, kind of twisting and flipping very fast. She flipped over a couple of times, her bed flipped on top of her (it's soft cloth and on a chair) then rolled onto the floor where she flipped two or three more times. She then meowed loudly and looked at me, and kind of slowly walked under the bed. I turned on the big light and looked under there at her, and she was just sitting there normally...so I called her out and petted her and such, she seemed ok except that she was breathing very heavily. I put her back in her little bed and she laid there, but still breathing heavily for several minutes. A while later she went to get some water, then slept normally for the rest of the night and she seems ok today.

She didn't lose control of her urine or bowels, and there was no drooling or anything like that...was it a seizure or what??? Someone suggested maybe a bad dream, but if it was, it was extremely violent and I have never seen her exhibit any type of behavior like this in her entire life.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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Sounds like a seizure to me.....I don't know if you can afford the vet trip I know I hate doing the vet thing, It is never cheep. But at her age, she really needs to go to make sure thats all it was. Best wishes.
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No one on this forum will be able to diagnose whether/not Abbey had a seizure.

I can only say that, if this had happened to one of my cats, I would have been on the phone with my Vet last night and, most likely, the cat would have been at the clinic first thing this morning.

My advice would be to have her seen as soon as possible. Considering her age, she should be seeing the Vet for a Senior wellness checkup at a minimum of once a year and ideally with a briefer check at six month intervals.
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Thanks for the advice. I know that no one can diagnose her other than a vet, I was just hoping someone might be able to rule out seizure based on the fact that there was no loss of urine or bowels. From what I had read, those were always present with a seizure. Anyway I couldn't take her to the vet last night as I had taken an Ambien, but I did make an appointment this morning. Thanks!
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It does sound like a seizure, but as it's already been said, only a vet will be able to determine that. Glad to hear you've made an appointment for Abbey.
Please let us know what the vet says.
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Hi all,
Just wanted to give an update on Abbey. The vet thinks she did NOT have a seizure, but I am supposed to keep an eye on her of course. My kitty has little kidneys, I have always known this about her and they told me it would probably cause her problems later in her life (which is apparently starting now). Her test results came back today and they said that is the only thing they found wrong with her, she has slightly less kidney function and they recommended me putting her on a low protein diet. From what I've been reading, this is somewhat controversial...some people say it isn't good for them. Either way I will get some of this food from the vet, but they did warn me that she might not eat it anyway :/ Anyone have any experience with putting their kitties on a low protein diet? Oh, as for the fit she had, they said it "could" have been caused by hypertension due to too much protein since she has reduced kidney function...but her heart and bloodpressure are fine, so they really aren't sure what it was.
Anyway just wanted to update you. I'd love to hear from anyone that has a kitty with slight kidney issues, or anyone that knows about low protein diets.
Thanks for reading!
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