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Introduction--two year old cats to kitten

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So I brought our new kitten into the house--she is one of Ginger's babies. I have her in the bathroom and Jack and Harley have smelled under the door without hissing so I exchanged scents and both were received without issue.

I decided to let the boys smell Pepper's safe room which Jack didn't actually go in and Harley has been hiding in the basement. I let Pepper explore the house as well.

Now both of my boys are hiding in the basement! Jack came upstairs from the basement yesterday and Pepper was in the kitchen he sat at the top of stairs and watched her--didn't hiss or show agression but retreated back to the basement. They won't come to the 2nd floor and finally last night after I put Pepper back in her safe room they decided the dining room was safe and hung out there.

How do I convince them that a 2lb kitten is nothing to be afraid of? She just wants someone to play with and its breaking my heart that my loving boys are hiding in the basement.

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Maybe they sense SHE is scared and are giving her some space to explore. What is her name?
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Give them time and go slow.
I have introduced older cats to kittens a lot of times.
What does Pepper look like?
I would love to see her picture.
When I get a new kitten I keep them apart for a week and it works out well.
You are doing it the right way.
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Her name is Pepper.

There she is about a week and a half ago--need to take new pictures but have been so busy with work and finding homes for the others.

Thanks for the advice. The boys came out of the basement today and hung out in the house--of course she was in her safe room while we were at work--we'll see if they retreat again when they see her.

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maybe she is just too beautiful and they are jealous! She is sooo gorgeous. You like ya kitties fluffy don'cha?
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I do love the fluff. Although after the last few days I'm regretting it--the number of dingle berries has been outrageous--we'll be teaching miss pepper to not be bothered by the sound of electric trimmers and start trimming tonight. Jack is currently locked in the basement until Hubby gets home to help hold him while I clean up his back side. I think they are stressed and its giving them some not nice poo. His back side is getting completely clipped this time--it may not look nice but its better than a dirty backside traveling all around my house.

The boys are no longer hiding in the basement and Harley even checked out her safe room while she was in the office with me. They are still hissing when they see her but I think are realizing she isn't going away. They both secretly want to run and play with her but just can't get past that whole we aren't supposed to like someone new behavior.

Harley just came up and hissed at her through the bottom crack of the bathroom door, but then he could hear her playing and he pounced at the crack--I think her crying upsets them.

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The fluff in my house is nuts too. Fortunately not too many poopy accidents! Fiona is my main culprit with that. The boys' fur fluff outward on their legs so that they have a clear passage for their business (funny the stuff we cat owners discuss huh? )

Once they get over the fact that she is staying and yes....she will be the boss! Than it will be so much fun watching them play together.
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Well Its been an interesting week. Things have progressed well and as I figured Harley has adjusted much more quickly than Jack has or is. Harley is just trying to figure out what is the appropriate level of play for Pepper's size. Jack still doesn't want her too close and even if he approaches hisses or growls--which I told him if he does it (approaches) he can't get mad because he made the choice to do it.

During the day when we're at work she is in her safe room and at night. But other than that she pretty much gets free reign and is doing well. She figured out the cat tree, etc

One of her siblings found a home last night and possibly another today--its bittersweet.

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