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Daily Thread Monday June 15th!

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Morning peeps!

Thunderstorms today.

Nothing much going on here... just heading to work. Probably get some wedding stuff done tonight when I get home.

Ummmmmmmm, thats about it!

Have a good day folks!
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Goooooood Morning peeps.

It is going to be a beautiful day out today, so I think I'll bring my laptop outside later on and use that.

This morning is going to be slightly rushed here shortly.

I'm working on my morning coffee, and saying good morning here.

My DH has left for the week again, and made sure he had a chat with the kids about their behaviour. He, ironically, saw a prime example of how they act when he came home on Friday. He quite understood why I had a horrible week because they acted like that once in front of him and that was it... During the week they keep going and going and going.

So yah, hopefully none of that will happen this week.

Soon as I'm done my coffee, it's off to the shower, then physio.

Hope everyone has a good day
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Good morning everyone
I'm here doing last minute studying for my final exam today, which explains why i'm up this early
Jake is being his crazy usual self and attacking me while i'm studying- in the morning before the heat sets in he's the most playful...
So yea that's about it for me! Have a good morning and day everyone
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Good morning!

Nothing much planned for today. I'm off to work in a bit. It rained this weekend so the roof is probably leaking and I'll get to spend some of my morning running around with buckets.

After work I'm off to the gym with some friends and that's bout it. Nothing out of the ordinary planned for today, anyway.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Good morning! Laundry day for me. The rest of the house was cleaned yesterday DS slept till 8am so we will be dancing the morning away until he naps.

Have a great Monday!
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I woke up with a terrible sore throat this morning, so I decided to stay home. It started as a tickling that wouldn't go away yesterday. It happened while I was vacuuming, so I assumed it was just some dust, but apparently not. I don't have any other symptoms of a cold so far, just a sore throat. I'm going to try to rest today and tomorrow (which is my normal off day) and hopefully feel better and head back to work on Wednesday.
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Morning. Mondays suck LOL. So far my morning has been boring. For some reason I get pulled into these exec meetings at work, I don’t know why since I am the bottom of the barrel at my company. Last Monday I got called in and got made a fool of so I have been preparing all morning for this meeting. Seems like waste of time to me LOL.

Tonight, my boyfriend and I go and see a dog we may foster. It all depends on my emotions, if I can handle it, she VERY bad off, and if we are allowed to foster because of Bruno.

I am cursing my boyfriend this morning. He decided to take a day off… He has 6 weeks vacation…6 WEEKS!! I only have 3… so I am hating on him today and sent him an anonymous email threatening never to cook or clean for him again like I always do when he gets a day off and I don’t LOL.

Did I mention I hate Mondays? Lol hope yall have a great day!
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Morning All!!!

Warm and Sunny here today.

Heading out to do some errands shortly, then finishing my laundry when I get home later.

Other then that not much else planned.

The kitties are napping in the laundry basket which is one of their favorite places.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning.. Got back from Las Vegas yesterday, I was there for a notary conference and then some fun days of course. It's SO GOOD to be back home now though after being away for most of May. Unfortunately my BF is flying to Tampa today til Thursday night so it still won't be a normal week. Plus my bosses are now in Vegas for an inspection til Wed or Thu.. I'm so alone!!

Might call the vet today and ask her opinion on starting a food switch for Genever.. she had some tummy issues and i think she's better now, but I don't want to rush things.

Well that's that then... have a good rest of the day!
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