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I'm glad to hear that you arrived safely. I bet you can't wait to get Ally and Ollie and see your mom.

Good luck with law school and in Minnesota. I hope things go well for you.
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Good to hear that you made it to your destination safely.
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Glad you arrived safely! Keep us posted on how the kitties like the new place and good luck in law school (at the University of MN?)
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Glad you arrived safely and missed the worst of the storms - those storms were interesting in Chicago land last night! Best wishes for a very happy homecoming for the furballs and an easy transition for all of you.
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Ally and Ollie are now here in Minneapolis. They're exploring the hotel room right now but will hopefully calm down in a little bit.

They get to hang out in the hotel while the apartment gets furnished. I'll move in with them probably later this week.
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Aww, a reunion with their daddy on Father's Day.
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Lawguy, what's going on? Have you moved in yet? How are the kitties? How is the apartment, and how do you like the city?
Keep us posted!!
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I started my vacation on the 12th and totally missed this thread. Are you and your furbabies settled in yet?
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Sorry. Haven't had internet since my last post. Just got my Comcast internet set up today.

Ally, Ollie, and myself are doing well. We've moved into the apt. My mother went home on Sunday so we're on our own now. The cats seem very happy. Ally in particular seems to like the apt more than the room she used to live in. It's about 2 times the size. I got them 2 little inexpensive bamboo cat condos to hold them over until I find something that I like for them. They also have a new sisal post with a tetherball on it.

I'm just working on getting everything done ASAP in this apt. It's a lot of work. More work than I remember the last time I moved.

Other than that, everything is good though.
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