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My parents brought this little girl home yesterday, sadly they didn't adopt her I was at an adoption event where I volunteer and they got her in some 'free' ad.

I guess she would end up where I volunteer anyways if they didnt' take her.. but I am very disappointed with them but she's here now. I have been trying to encourage them to ADOPT but do they listen? ugh. atleast she has a good home here but still.

She's scared of the dogs but they are more scared of her than anything. They are calling her Angel, lol she's a little spit fire. She hasn't really met Miagi & Tiger yet until we know she's healthy. She's about 7-8 weeks old. She's so sweet.

She will be spayed soon as well. I had no idea they would think of a kitten rather than getting a dog because we are ready for a dog since Rocky & Jenny died. Miagi & Tiger better not hate me for it, I don't think they do.

But they could have atleast adopted but what can you do? I have been trying to get them to adopt our next pet but they did this behind my back and they probably KNOW they wouldn't have my approval anyways getting a kitten out of a free ad. But oh well. She's here now and she is here to stay.

sorry that the pics are so huge!
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She is precious! So fluffy and soft looking! And I'm sure full of personality!
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Thanks she is full of personality hehe.
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Your pictures in this thread are large than the size we require so could you shrink them asap please

It makes it harder for those on dial up to see and they usually give up in the end because it takes ages to load them

Thanks in advance

TCS Moderating Team
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She is a beauty. She needed a fur-ever home, and she has one.
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She's adorable!

Parents can be worse than teenagers--they refuse to listen!!
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She is such a cutie and has a very fluffy coat. Just adorable!!
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Aw, she's adorable. Good for you for taking her in. Parents. Sheesh.
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She is very pretty!!!!
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She is soooo cute!
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thanks everyone. Rosiemac is it okay I just put the links? I am not very good at resizing them.
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