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Help with my persian Guizmo!!!

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Hi everyone I've been having trouble with my baby since last week, we took Guizmo to a Ophthalmologist because he needed a corneal scraping, everything was OK until I notice that he's been down, this is my first time dealing with a cat so everything to me is new.... the Ophthalmologist give him oral antibiotics and drops for the eye to heal, but like I said since last week he's been acting very different,sleeping a lot, hiding himself, so yesterday I ended up taking him to the vet they did did blood work, they took him to a radiologist, they couldn't do a urinalysis because he didn't want to pee neither a bacterial culture but they told me they didn't find anything wrong, now here is the thing they did find out he had temperature and he was dehydrated and they put him on fluids for a bit while he was in the vet, I understand that his temperature was high but since I couldn't afford to let him stay there for 2days i took him home with me at my own risk I know, he's temperature is been high still 103- 104.5, the only thing they gave me was fluids and I have to gave him that through an IV on his back which freaks me out, they never gave me another antibiotic to treat the fever or something better, they came up with the excuse that since he was in the antibiotic that the ophthalmologist gave him they would not recommend another one, what they gave me was antioxidants which I don't really think that help and they charge me $500.00 for all of that, and just about a few hours ago he vomit and that worries me I check his temperature and it was 103, what can i do to try to lower the temperature, he eat in the morning but not to much is there something you would recommend please help I am very worried!!!!
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What antibiotic is he on?
Do not worry about giving fluids its easy.
I do it every other day with my 17 year old cat that has CRF.
How long has he been on the antibiotics?
If its been a few days the fever should go down.
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The antibiotic is Panmycin Liquid 15ml (orally), and Adequan Solution 5ml.
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I never heard of that one.
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hes been in that antibiotic for about 7 days now, tomorrow will be a week.
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Id suggest that you take him to a new vet.
How is he eating?
Although im not sure if its caused by the antibiotics, please please ask your new vet if you think that this could be a cause and if you can take him off the antibiotics. DO NOT STOP THE ANTIBIOTICS WITHOUT ASKING FIRST, this can be extremely dangerous because the most vicious bacteria can be left to breed in your cat's body
How long have you been on the antibiotics?
From what you wrote, it doesnt sound too good. If you havent been on it for long then postpone the next dose but make sure you go to the vet immediately afterwards. if not, the situation can become more tricky
Ive had a similar problem before where my cat did not respond well to the antibiotics she was given and she threw up and felt ill.
Also ask your cat about pancreatitis, symptoms include vomitting and strange temperatures. Pancreatitis is very very very difficult to detect, make sure you ask about it!
I know that the vet may be very costly but it is well worth it. Hopefully you see that you will your cat is irreplacable

hope this helps

hope you kitty gets well soon!
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