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URGENT! Anyone near Summerville, GA???

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Owners turned in a 16 year old Himalayan, saying they just don't want her anymore!

Will be put down if not taken by COB Tomorrow!!!

Courtesy cross-posting off of Persian Rescue Yahoo Group.

The owner who turned in this girl said she is a16 year old purebred
> Himalayan. They said they just don't want her anymore. This just really
> makes me angry. Does anyone know of any rescue for a senior kitty?
> Suzanne - Volunteer
> royalart@ windstream.net <royalart@%C2% A0%C2%A0+ windstream. net>
> *Chattooga County Animal Control*
> ccacdirector@ gmail.com <ccacdirector@ %C2%A0%C2% A0%C2%A0+ gmail.com>
> http://www.petfinde r.com/shelters/ GA316.html
> 464 Red Oak Road
> Summerville, GA 30747
> *OFFICE 706-857-0679 *
> *FAX 706-857-0676*
> *Felicia D. Walker - Animal Control Director*
> *Selena Powell - Office Manager*
> Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 10 - 4 Other hours by appointment.
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That is terrible.
I hope she gets a home and what is theowners excuse for giving a cat that age to the pound.
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Incredible. I never cease to be disappointed by people.

The only place I know of that is dedicated to caring for senior and disabled animals is called Brighthaven. It's in California, but I know they have taken animals from other places.

A long shot, I know, but FWIW: www.brighthaven.org

Poor baby -I hope she gets a miracle and is saved. I'd be banned if I told you what I hoped for the heartless waste of life who turned her in.
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Here's another one in NJ - still far, but closer than CA.

It's a sanctuary for "cats rescued from hopeless situations" : www.tabbysplace.org
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In Georgia (surely they've contacted some of these already...?):

Good Mews Animal Foundation, Marietta www.goodmews.org

Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue (they take other purebreds including Himalayans)

Rescue Cats, Inc., Metro Atlanta, in Fayetteville www.rescuecats.org
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Thanks! I will put these on the Persian Rescue Yahoo group site.
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