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My new Kitty!

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She's 7 weeks old and full of life! She's giving my 2 yr old himmie a run for her money.
I think she favors a raccoon withe the dark circles around her eyes.
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Oh goodness she's a little beauty!! Whats her name?
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What an interesting looking cat, very beautiful!!!
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Just got her yesterday and I am still working on a good name. I thought about Samanatha, but not sure. If she were a he, I'd call her Rocky (as in Rocky raccoon).
Any one have any suggestions as to a good name?
Thanks for the compliments!
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She's a cutie!
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She is very pretty.
I have a few names for suggestions.
Amarula Cream
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Wow, look at those ears!!

Such a cutie-pie! You could call her Roxy... or if she's giving your older cat the "what-for" you could call her Moxie!
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I like the name Roxy!
She looks like a cross between a raccoon, fox and cat. Unusual and very beautiful! I love her coloring and her ears!
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I like Roxy too, so I think thats what it will be!
Thanks for the suggestion!
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She's a doll. I third the Roxy choice. Does she have ragdoll blood in her? She's beautiful. Can't wait to see action pics.
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OMG! She is absolutely precious! She looks like a little bandit, stealing hearts!
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I was told she was the single kitten of a siamese mother, unsure of her father. The owner of the mother was going to send her to the pound! Her coloring is so unique and beautiful, and she has such a lively personality, I couldn't let that happen. My female himmie still has her panties in a wad, little Roxy is not at all impressed with Mina's bluster and hissing, its too cute!
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