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Galileo !! (and my other kitties)

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Here are some pictures of my beautiful cats, Amadeus, Nefertiti, Galileo and Symphony .. enjoy

Nefertiti gets a wash from Amadeus !

This picture always cracks me up. Look at Nefertiti's face !

Beautiful Nefertiti

Symphony my beautiful girl

Galileo is a very playful boy

Galileo trying to catch the bear on the cat frame that toys hang from

Symphony and Amadeus
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Your babies are so lovely. I especially like Nefertiti 'coz black cats rule , but they are all too, too cute.
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Such a variety of coats and colors! ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!
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I the pics! They are adorable
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They are all beautiful! Congratulations on the new baby, he is more than precious
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Awwwww love picture No 2 of Nefertiti, she's gorgeous
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I still like the name Splodge beter! *runs away*
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I Love their names and i love them all, so cute!
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Thanks ya'll for lookin, perhaps Galileo El Splodge
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What a bunch of cuties! As someone who also loves not-so-normal names, I adore your kitties' names!
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Nefertiti looks like she is keeping a secret from us all. She has that mischeivous look in her eyes and a curl to her lips. All your cats are gorgeous! No wonder you had to get "one more". So cute.
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