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I am SO organized....

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that I almost can't stand myself! I left Bill at home, this morning and ran some errands. Actually, I was looking for a specific item, for his Father's Day present. The store, that I went to wasn't open so, I decided to browse the Hallmark store and find something for Mark.

Lo and behold - the Hallmark store had a die-cast model of a UH-1 Huey helicopter. This is the very thing, that I have been searching for, for months! I had found one, on the Internet and was going to orderit, as a last resort. The one, that I found today, was on sale for less than half price. Now, Bill is covered.

Since I was at the mall and Old Navy is having a big sale on baby clothes, I popped in there. I thought that they might have a T-shirt for Mark, too. No T-shirt but, two of the cutest little onesies with red and blue stars on them. I bought two different styles and prints, so that I can tell the girls apart. (I've suggested tattoos but Mark and Sam aren't going for it.)

My next stop was Petco. I am tired of the dogs paddling in their water pan and splashing all over the patio. I bought them a 5-gallon watering system. Hopefully, this will solve the muddy patio problem.

Target is next door to Petco and I remembered that they had nice Father's Day T-shirts. I got Mark a really nice shirt and, with a stop for cigarettes, I was home in an hour!

Not bad - mall, Petco, Target and smoke shop - in one hour. Darn! I'm good!
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We women are good,take a man and it would have taken 2 or 3 hours!!!
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Ain't that the truth!
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If not all day!

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