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Enter, Fatty and Kitty

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My mom's friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend contacted her a few days ago saying she had two eleven year old female cats needing homes. Their names were Fatty and Kitty (They used to be Lily and Cleo when they were barn cats). Fatty is black, Kitty is gray.

So we decided that we might make the jump into fuzzbutt ownership. We went to meet the owners yesterday. The seemed very responsible and wanted a great home for their cats. Since Fatty had had worms, they even offered to pay half of any vet bills that might come up! They even came with all their supplies. Kitty is pretty shy and not that affectionate (I love her anyway), but Fatty (who weighs seven pounds) is a sweetie.

Mom, my siblings, and I went to pick them up today. Kitty meowed the whole car ride (poor baby) and Fatty's eyes went really wide because she was so scared. Once we got home, Kitty promptly jumped to the top of the fridge (knocking down various bowls in the process) and won't come down. Fatty went to lie on my bed and seems pretty happy. I'll keep you updated on their progress.
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OMG! I totally messed up. Kitty is black and Fatty is gray. I confused their collars. I can be so stupid. LOL! I'd edit the post but it's not working right.

It turns out Fatty wasn't meowing because she was scared. Maybe at first she was, but it's pretty clear now she's really happy. She even licked me and let me brush her. Weird, huh?
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Welcome Fatty and Kitty. I have had the current combination of cats for 4 years and there are days when I can't keep their names straight.
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AW the new kitties sound cute. It will probubly going to take time for them to adjust to your homw. Especially the one who jumped up onto the fridge. It is also very sweet that you could take both of them. Not tomany people want kitty's over the age of 1. I recently adopted a 3 yr old brown tabby named Lucy. I went looking for a kitten and Lucy (her new name for a new begining) found us. She was abused by a nasty man. But now she is spoiled rotten here in her new home. I just joined this site so I don't know anyone yet. I hope you enjoy your new furry friends.
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Most three-year olds can't get adopted, let alone eleven year olds. If the owners ending up putting them in shelters, they would've been killed most likely on their first day there. In fact, that's why they asked the shelter to list them as a "foster family" instead of taking them directly to the shelter.

Older cats need love, too.
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They are beautiful & thank you for adopting senior kitties.
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Ditto on that. Thanks for taking in senior cats. They, more often than not, make great pets! Much more easy going than kittens.
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