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Question of the Day June 14th

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Morning All!!

Today's question is a two-parter:

Do you like to wear jewelry and do you have a favorite item?

I am not big on jewelry mostly I just wear a watch and sometimes a bracelet. I do have my ears pierced but rarely wear earrings, and occasionally if I am going out I will put on a necklace.
My favorite item is an antique silver bracelet which belonged to my grandmother.
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I have always liked jewelry and have quite a bit - mostly costume jewelry or silver now. I got "into" beading last December and can't stop!!! So many necklaces, so little time to weat them all!

But I also have made many to give as gifts and they are well received, so that's always fun too!
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Never wear jewlery just my wedding and engagment rings..Never wear a watch even.
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I wear my engagement ring and a necklace. I had the same necklace that Travis gave me when we first started dating for 6 years. For Valentine's Day he bought me a new one and it rarely comes off
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I love jewelry! My father is a registered gemologist, and a colored stone faceter, so I have lots of gorgeous jewelry. I switch it up to coordinate with whatever I'm wearing. Lately my favorite is my Pandora/Troll Bead bracelet. I'm working on my second one
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I like jewerly. I have watches, bracelets, and necklaces. No, I don't wear them all at the same time. . I don't have any that I think of as a favorite, I like them all.
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I have two sets of earrings that I wear all the time, silver studs with diamonds. And I also have a silver chain that I wear every day, my best friend of 22 years gave it to me as a gift when we were teens.
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I love charm bracelets and my Pandora Bracelet.
I love my Niobium Jewelry also.
Here is a link to the Pandora site and color burst site.
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I have several that only come out for the likes of surgeries... my tongue and another one both have surgical steel barbells at all times.

My ears always have at least 1 stud in the right, 2 in the left (cartilidge pierced) and at the most I have 5 in the right, 7 in the left.

Rings: I wear a silver wedding band. I have a gold band plus my engagment ring which is stunning ( emerald, diamond, alexandrite set on a gold band) unfortunately my hands swell too much to accomodate these 2 rings. The silver band is large for my non-swollen hands, so it still fits.

We had the engagment ring resized with a spacer put in, but now (weight gain + water retention) I can't even squeeze it on.... makes me sad because it is stunning, and the thought my hubby put into making it is very emotional...but OTH, not wearing it helps me not damage it.

I tend to forget my jewlerry is on... so I'll dig in the garden or whatever with the engagment ring on Hubby caught me doing that one day, and then showed me the bill for the ring It's much better if I don't wear it when doing physical labor.....tho that was pre-injuries... so it would be fine now, but unfortunately the swelling gets in the way. It doesn't look great on a chain or I'd do it that way...
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I'm not big on jewelry. I have pierced ears and most times wear something small in them. I also wear a watch when I leave the house.
My favorite piece is a very old thin sterling silver bracelet of my grandma's.
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I wear jewelry daily, though not much. Just my necklace and three rings. My favorite piece is my engagement ring. I don't wear it to work, because I work too much with my hands, carrying pipe and cutting wire, that I don't want to damage it. It was my grandfather's diamond that he got in Belgium, so it means a lot to me.
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yes i do like jewelry, my BF is the one that got me into it when he started buying it for me. I wear the 2 rings he got me. My fave piece is the movado watch he got me for vday a few years ago, but lately i been into all the cute hippy jewelry.
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Yes, the gemlady loves jewelry, makes jewelry but these days rarely wears jewelry. But that hasn't stopped me from perusing catalogs of supplies and components and designing.

Right now I have a necklace of blue and brown goldstone to design around a faceted goldstone star.

Fave piece? That's like asking a meowmy who her favorite kitty is.
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I never used to wear jewerly. Now I wear a necklace my fiance gave me for my 16th birthday (it never comes off), my engagement ring and earrings. I have a ton of earrings and necklaces because I work at Claire's and buy them for work.
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I only wear sentimental stuff. Engagement ring, earrings and another ring on my right ring finger. Oh and journey pendant around my neck.
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I'm in a rut---I wear the same jewelry all the time!
Let's see---engagement ring, wedding ring, 25th anniversary band, my high school class ring, a thin gold heart ring, and when I can get it on, a gold claddagh ring. All were from DH (except the class ring).
Also a silver chain with a goddess pendant (a gift from my sister), 2 pair of earrings (one pair of studs and one dangly pair), a watch (which I don't really count as jewelery), and a silver bracelet that's composed of 14 tiny little pentagrams.

I have dozens and dozens of pairs of earrings that I never wear, and drawers full of assorted rings. My favorite piece is probably my anniversary band.
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I am always wearing my little plastic sports watch I get one and wear it 24/7 until it dies or breaks and then get a new one

Otherwise I don't wear anything all the time. I often wear this black bracelet with a red jasper circle on it, and I switch out between this flower necklace, one with a lotus, and an om. My personal favorite is the om
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I very rarely wear jewlrey. Normally when I do it's when I'm judging at a show.

I do have a few nice pieces though
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I'm not huge on jewelry, but I love to wear my engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings. I also enjoy wearing a necklace from time to time, usually one of the two Rob has bought me.
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