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Custom Avatar ?

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How many posts required before I can use a cool custom avatar ?
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Over 300 before customizing- but with your fascinating cats and life that will come easily enough!
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You can pick an avatar from the list now. And the selection increases as your posts do.
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I absolutely love this site. The only thing I disagree with is forcing members to get 300+ post to get your own custom avatar. I think it is kinda silly in my opinion. An avatar is an extension of the poster showing some of their loved animals and some of the personality of the member. Why limit a member to a certain number of avatar choices? I visit a few other forums and have never heard of such a thing. I have a tiger avatar that I would love to use but just realized that I can't have it by my name for another 283+ post? I hate the ones that are available to me now with as few post that I have. I am new. I think this is a stupid trap to get people to post even if they don't want to. I think people should be able to post because they want to learn or help out another member, and not be forced to because they want their own custom avatar. Just my two cents worth.
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For now, until you do get to 300 posts, you can always stick a picture in your signature area. I have one for my little Spike. I know the one you want to use is avatar-sized, but you can still stick it down there until you can use it in the avatar spot. Sorry I can't think of anything else for you.
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I'm sorry you are disappointed with the custom avatar rule. JGaruba has a great idea there though, why not put your picture directly in your signature? That way everyone can see it and enjoy it too! And trust me, you'll be at 300 soon enough, and can use whatever avatar you want then!

Happy Posting!
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Actually lots of boards have that limitation and it used to be for a good reason.
There are two reasons why boards often require members reach a certain number of posts before they can upload their own -

1. When you upload your own avatar you are taking up hard disk resources. Many member come only to post for a few days and weeks and then leave. If everyone were to upload an avatar file onto the server it would take up a lot of disk space. So we limit that by making sure that only those who stick around long enough to reach 300 posts can do that. The rest can use avatars that are already on the disk, thus not taking up new disk space.

2. We wish to make sure that members know what the boards are all about and prevent situations where people may post inappropriate images in their avatars. As a matter of fact one thing we have considered is to set up a rule that only members with more than a certain number of posts will be able to post any images at all - to prevent trolls from posting inappropriate images.

Those I think were the reasons why Vbulletin comes with this option built in. Also, I believe most members enjoy "climbing" up the ladder of posts, acquiring new titles and with them new previleges. It's harmless fun and it does reflect how long you've been active with our community. Personally, I don't like "spam" posts just to increase one's rank and I definitely don't want to "trap" anyone into posting. I sure hope avatars, signatures and titles are not the main reasons why people join our community - their like side perks just for fun - no more
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I actually like knowing that for every level I reach I get more choices, it gives me something fun to look forward to!!
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Okay... this is 1 more on my climb to 300
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Go! Go! GO!
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Go post in the spam thread in the lounge
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I think it's a good idea to have a certain post count before getting the "goodies" , It shows you are a dedicated cat lover when you post. Just keep posting and you will eventually get there.

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