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Asking for permission?

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Cute story for you guys. I pitched in and pulled an older Maine Coon/DLH mix from a high kill shelter. I had to keep him in my mom's house for a couple of hours until his foster mom could get him.

He was nervous, but a very good boy!

Anyway, we were laying on the rug in the spare bedroom... he was dozing... then he opened his eyes, looked around and got up to explore a bit.

There was a wood and upholstered chair in the corner with stuff piled on it. He got up on his hind paws, but his front paws on the chair and sniffed.

He then turned to me, still laying on the rug and politely said... meeeoooowww??? And dropped down to walk away.

Well, I took that to be a request to sit on the chair. So I moved the junk, scooped him up and plopped him onto the chair. He wiggled around a little bit and then relaxed.

And when his foster mom came to get him and we went into the bedroom, well, kitty was still lounging on that chair.

I got such a kick out of the fact that he ASKED me to make it possible for him to sit there. Such a good boy! He also likes to kiss on the lips, which I found out at the shelter.

This is his shelter photo. We named him Lord Stanley. Too bad the Red Wings didn't cooperate!

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Awww. That's so sweet. What a good boy he is, and smart too. Our Loki looks like him, big paws and broad nose... only his fur is shorter.
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Aww, how sweet!
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I love Maine Coons-not just pedigreed kinds, but fluffy big tabby from New England. I'm not far from Maine so there's plenty of them. They have such sweet personalities! My friend's coon follows her into the kitchen at feeding time, then tries to open the fridge (aka food).

Great job saving Lord Stanley!
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How very polite of him! I love the name.
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What a smartie-pants! He's adorable. that he finds a furever home soon.
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Nice looking cat; and well mannered too, I'd take him in a momment but our three residnts may not be as keen on it.
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Lord Stanley is doing well in his foster home - adjusting to the woman's other animals. He has also claimed a chair in her house!
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don't you mean his throne? What a gorgeous boy! I hope he finds the purrfect home
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
don't you mean his throne? What a gorgeous boy! I hope he finds the purrfect home
what a handsome polite boy
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