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Going Bald....

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My cat is about 1 1/2 years and she has started to get 2 little bald spots on her head right next to her ears. I can put up pics if it will help. There are no cuts or scratchs and nothing showing that the hairs were riped out. I'm running real low on money and don't want to take her in and pay 40$ just to have someone tell me shes just weird. lol So if anyone has gone through something like this or has input let me know please.

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First guess would be ear mites, get her to the vet. If you have an internet connection you have money to take this step.
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Could you put up some pictures? Normally, adult cats do look sort of 'bald' at their temples, near their ears - and yeah, I asked my vet about it when I first adopted Dharma. My cats are grey and black - most obvious on the black cat.
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Here is a picture of two of mine. The gray/white is a 5 year old male and the black cat is a 2 yr old female. Vet told me it is genetic and is the similar to "male pattern baldness" in us humans. Hope that helps.


One day I will learn to post pictures.
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Sounds like the normal thinning of fur in front of their ears. If you post pics, we might better be able to help you.
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ok I'll sent the pics up. It's happening not on the front of her head but on the top. I have worked at 3 different Vet offices and its not ear mites. (by the way i don't pay for this net connection, and people don't ask for help to be treated like that.) So I'll go take those pics.

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Originally Posted by victimofchanges View Post
ok I'll sent the pics up. It's happening not on the front of her head but on the top. I have worked at 3 different Vet offices and its not ear mites. (by the way i don't pay for this net connection, and people don't ask for help to be treated like that.) So I'll go take those pics.
Your right, that was uncalled for, our goal here is to help advise or share experiences, not intimidate and scare off.

I have had a couple of cats with bizarre skin allergies. Maia actually sometimes develops slightly bloody scabs around her ears and scabby patches on her chin that ofcourse when it first happened I took her in to the vet, paid 80 dollars to hear it was nothing but a reaction to something, she will be fine, no meds...........Of course it has happened 3-4 times over the past two years. I find the best method is cleaning it thoroughly and putting a bit of ointment on it, heals up.
One of my past kitties, Pandi, had terrible scabby patches on her body that would peel off and leave bald spots. Of course the vet had no clue, but in time I figured out that a humidifier was the cure!
Will be checking in to see the picture......
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Just realized you posted the pic, very curious, so even on both sides. I would try vitamin e oil and keep an eye on her if she scratches a lot there......
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Hmmm....that kind of balding isn't normal. I wonder if it's a reaction to something he's eating. Have you changed her food recently, or even the kind of litter you use? Have you put any kind of flea treatment on her or anything like that?
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I was thinking a changes too but I haven't changed anything. The only thing shes ever reacted to was turkey so I don't feed it to her or her sister, their brother doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

I have to cats that get the acne and this isn't the same, no scabbs anywhere. =\\

My husband said he would help me get some money together and get her to a vet..... its been a while since she went on a bus.... maybe she will still like it lol
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Last year a house cat was dumped at the feral colony I feed, and started losing hair, first from behind the ears, then her entire head. By the time I caught her she was bald to the shoulders. The vet could find no cause for the balding, but after she was back indoors and spayed her hair grew back as fast as it had fallen out. Stress? Possibly the first sign of the cancer that killed her nine months later?
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The first thing that comes to my mind is some sort of food allergy. (or flea allergy - one of our indoor/outdoor cats had a real problem with that once).

Good luck; I hope you find out what's going on.
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the hair on her head has started to grow back in ( haven't gotten paid yet to go to vet) but now within the last 24 hours is a new spot actually on the back of her ear, I think she might be fighting with her brother at night =\\
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Here is an informational article from the American Society for the Protection of Animals that I found very helpful with my cat's bald patch. He has the same, small patch above just one of his ears. It sounds like it is normal unless there is bleeding, chafing, oozing, rash, or redness. I know this post is old, but just thought I would share in case anyone else out there is searching for good information and simple solutions to common kitty cat problems. Here's the link:


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My Russian Blue/Maine Coon suddenly developed bald spots on his head after we were away for less than two days. Our daughter came over, fed and watered him and played with him morning and night while we were gone and so he was not alone 24/7 and he was raised with her as well. He is 13 and has been healthy other than a heart issue which he is on Lasix for and has tolerated it well. He has otherwise been healthy, but does not tolerate turkey or fish (who woulda thought...fish!) so he eats chicken and beef based diets. We did get new furniture with fabric guard furniture protection several weeks ago, but had not noted him rubbing against it. He occasionally sleeps in one of the chairs, but has no similar fur loss from legs, paws, ets so we kind of have ruled that out.


The spots started out small er, so we took him to the vet last weekend and the vet had no idea what it is. Said it did not appear to be ringworm or a viral infection. No fleas or mites and thought it could simply be a bacterial issue or stress. Gave us anti-bacterial/anti-microbial topical pads to wipe on the spots twice a day four days ago. Spots now starting to look larger and more red. No other areas seem to be losing hair; only head hair seems to be coming off in small clumps.  Guess this will be another $120 . visit to the vet unless one of you kind cat lovers has been through this before and has some guidance. Thanks so much

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As an update, it appears that Montgomery's hair is slowly starting to grow in. I say appears since it takes a magnifying glass to see the tiny hairs, but to me it seems they are there. We stopped using the topical wipes the vet dispensed as they were making his spots look red and irritated. After stopping his scalp looked white and the rednssd subsided so I hope we are on the right track. No soreness and he likes to have his head massaged. In totality, I think it was stress overall. We'll see.

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hoping with ya...
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