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Litter box lounging

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We adopted T.C. from our local animal shelter 1 month ago, a beautiful Balinese mix, neutered male approx. 1 1/2 years old. He seemed to bond with us immediately and seemed right at home here from the very first day. He is an only pet in a household of 3 adults. He seems to be well trained, always uses litter box and buries well. He has two litter boxes in different rooms, one being in our master bath since he sleeps with us. On two occasions, he has decided to lounge in his litter box while I was using the master bath. This was not while using his litter box ... he just stepped in & laid down on his side. I admonished him gently, since I certainly don't want to discourage him from using his litter box, and removed him. Today, we caught him lounging in the other litter box, which was in the room with us. He is healthy and does not seem to have any problems with elimination. I clean his boxes daily and he has not gone potty outside his box. He is an indoor only cat. I am wondering if this is a territory thing, he likes to sit on my desk chair when he sees me coming and also sometimes takes over my place in king size bed when I get up during the night. He is usually close by and follows us around the house. I would really like to know if this litter box thing is meaningful, it's not a daily event but I want to know how to best handle it. Thanks to anyone with insight.
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Some kitties like the cool feel of the litter against their fur. As long as the box is clean it won't cause any illness. Does your kitty have any kitty beds, hideouts, or cat tree houses? Having a place to call their own is important to kitties. Maybe this will solve the litter box lounge situation?
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Teresa, thank you for your input. He may like the feel of the litter but the house is cool from air conditioning. He does have nooks and hiding places that he likes and has the run of the house. The 3 times that I've caught him lounging in the litter box, I was in the same room with him when he got into the box. He demands and gets a lot of attention since we are almost always here. Since he sleeps on our bed, usually between my head and the headboard ... lounging in the litter box is unacceptable. I am hoping that it will not become a frequent thing. Thanks.
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My cats have always done this when we moved to a new home. For some reason, laying in the litter box is calming for them when frightened....I guess it somehow makes them feel at home when in a strange place. Based on my experience, this behavior should end once your cat becomes more at home with his new family.
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Yep I agree, I have new cats in all the time and they usually end up laying in the litterbox. I think that they not only like the feel of the clay on their bellies, but they like the fact that when they lay in the pan the sides are close to them and they feel safe- I give them an empty cardboard box flipped upside down and cut a hole in the side where they can get in and out. I weight the top down and they go in there to hide instead of the litter pan.
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