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Constipated kitten

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Slicks kittens are 12 weeks old this coming week. Bubble was straining in the box and crying. I knew he was trying to go. Well, he didn't go, and when he got out he proceeded to vomit. I have seen my older cats do the same thing after they have strained to go so I wasn't too surprised. I ran out of wet kitten food the other day so they have been eating dry, which I hate to do but had to for a few days and Fancy Feast. Could this be the reason? Should I give the kitten the stuff in the tube (brown paste) I can't think of the name yet I ve used it for years on and off. (Getting old is for the birds!) They are going in on the 17th for their rabies shots and whatever else they will be needing. Any advice is much appreciated.
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Try wetting the dry food down before you give it to them. If they're used to taking in more moisture, that change could be throwing their systems off. Even if you're leaving out plenty of water, they might not be drinking enough of it if they're not used to having to get food and water separately.

Also, you could rub the kitten's belly--I've had good luck with that for inability-to-poo problems. One of the barn cats at my aunt and uncle's place once had something wrong with his inner workings to where he couldn't poo; he was so backed up that his belly area felt like a rock. I rubbed his belly, firmly but not so hard as to hurt anything of course (if the cat protests, either you're doing it wrong or there's something else going on in there for which you should probably get a vet), until things loosened up...then he used the box epically...then he came back for more belly rubbing...then he used the box again...then he ate some kibble and drank some water and went back outside and was fine.
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