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My head may just explode!

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OK...need to get this out.

As I've mentioned in other posts, I am a teacher. However, I don't have a contract yet, so I'm a supply teacher. However, there is something called an LTO, which is basically when you go in cover maternity/sick leaves for extended periods (Long Term Occasionals). Since contracts are looking pretty sparce this year, LTOs are basically my top chance of gainful employment next year.

Well, 'tis the season for interviews for LTOs. A whole slew of them were posted on Monday and I applied to 12 schools.

So far, 3 schools have called. All have great full-almost full year, full-time positions, all of which I would love to have. Great, right? Sure...only problem is....all of them want to interview me on Tuesday.

Tuesday, just happens to be the day that I'm taking my current class on a field trip all day, about 30 minutes away.

So far, here's how my day is panning out....Be in neighbouring city (30 minutes) for an interview by 8:15am. Be back no later than 9:15 in order to meet parent volunteers and board the bus at about 9:30 (this will be a squeeze....I usually get to school by about 8:30am). Get back to the school and pawn the few students I'll have (most will go home with parents directly from the trip) off on the other Kindergarten teacher so I can get out of the school early enough to make it back in same neighbouring city (which, by the way, is where our field trip will be) for an interview at 4:50.

Wait, that's only 2 interviews, right? Yeah...the other person wants me to interview at 4:40. Since I don't have a cloning machine, I've asked if they have something later (since something earlier just isn't a possibility) or on another day (so far, I'm not working on Monday; Wednesday I am booked to work but can cancel if I have to). If the principal won't reschedule, I'll have to choose which interview to decline.

None of the three principals have been at all flexible. They need to realize that the experienced teachers are currently on LTOs (this is my 3rd year, 5th LTO in JK/SK...not too many will have more Kindergarten experience than me) and have classes they are committed to teaching. June is also a busy month with various other committments. I am being as flexible as I can...but I can't be 3 places at once. Some scheduling options would be a huge help.

Did I mention that interviews are not my favourite thing in the world? So having 3 in one day is just a tad stressful.

I guess it's good that I'm popular? Unfortunately, an intervew does not a job make (often, they already have someone in mind for the job, but need to interview 5 people to follow union/school board rules).

Thank you for listening to me rant. The boyfriend just doesn't get it - being self-employed and never having had an interview!
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I have no advice really...

Just a HUGE good luck
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Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy View Post
I have no advice really...

Just a HUGE good luck
Thanks! LOL...no advice needed, I just needed to get it out.

The third principal emailed me back and said she would try to schedule me in on Monday instead. Which is great.

I'm still stressed out about the morning interview....I just don't like the idea of cutting it so close to the beginning of the school day, especially when I have parents coming in. I've called my grade partner (whose class is going on the trip with my class) to talk about "worst case scenerio" (if, for some reason, I am a few minutes late getting back to the school). Once she calls me back and we discuss that, I'll feel a little better.

I'm going to try to relax tonight. Tomorrow I will get my portfolio ready and prepare for the interviews. Don't think I'll accept any jobs for Monday so that I can prepare for the long/stressful day on Tuesday.
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Good luck with the interviews! Uggh, I hate job interviews, hopefully you don't feel like I do! It's great that you have three lined up, I'm sure something good will come of them. I've heard how hard it is getting into teaching in Ontario, so I hope this leads to something solid in the future.
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I'm so glad you were able to get one of them scheduled for Monday!

I can understand needing to vent - that's tough!

to remain calm while managing the tight schedule, and LOTS of vibes that all goes well and you get a great job offer!

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Wow! Good luck with those
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