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This is just silly!

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I don't know why he does this. It's a closet with mirror doors on it. Every so often Chester decides to challenge the cat in the mirror to a boxing match.

The video is dark because it was late and the lights were out in the other room.
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Chester is in the lightweight division?
Yay! He won!

That is sooo cute! Most kittens attack mirrors but I've never known an older cat to!
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that is sooooo cute! Go Chester!
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Jack does it, but it's not a mirror. He stopped once i started clipping his claws?
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My Roxie does that on the mirror by my dressing table in the bedroom - always late at night - always waking me up! She is now 7 and still does it.

That video is great by the way!
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Susan, I was thinking of your Jack when I saw this video. I think Chester is a handsome guy just protecting his turf! Great, funny video.
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It must be a boy thing. He used to do it more often and I thought he had gotten used to the other cat in the mirror.
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