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Meet my kitties!!

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Hi! I'm a newbie to this site as of today. I found it yesterday and have been reading posts like crazy. I just thought I should introduce my kitties and their puppy-dog pal to everyone here.

That is Rascal (a.k.a. Pudd-pudd) in the pic above. He is a American long-hair tabby approximately 5 years old now. My brother found him all alone underneath my dads front porch around May 1997. His mommy was seen a few days earlier with him tagging along behind her but apparently she felt it was time for him to be on his own and had left him there. I instantly fell in love with the little guy and he's been with me since. Apparently, he doesn't like to get his picture taken, lol.

Next is Angelica. She's an American short-hair calico with an funny personality whose approximately 14 months old. I never get a chance to completely finish making up beds when she is lurking about. She loves to play in the sheets as they fall onto the bed. I 'adopted' her last June when a woman was giving free kittens away near my job. I'm glad I snatched her when I did, it was no time at all before her siblings where wisked away to new homes of their own. I've never seen a cat like her before. She sits on the couch with her arm propped upon the armrest like she is chillin' with us when watching TV and does many other odd things I've NEVER seen cats do before.

This is Squirt. She belongs to my great grandmother but now that she is no longer staying with us, we sort of adopted Squirt. Squirt was Angelica's seregate mother when I brought her home. They clean, sleep, and play with each other. I think that's why Angelica has an funny personality. Maybe she thinks she is a dog? Squirt is around 2yrs. old and she's supposed to be a purebreed chihuahua but I think she has some terrier mixed in her. Even so she is extemely hyper and loving but a little timid. Her previous owners were apparently abusive or to noisy for her. She gets a little excited/nervous sometimes and 'squirts' on the carpet or kitchen floor and that's how she got her name.

All 3 are best of friends. Angelica and Squirt burn rubber on the carpet when its playtime and bounce all over the furniture. Rascal is pretty mellow and doesn't play with them, even though Angelica tortures the poor guy. She absolutely loves his puffy tail and swats at it when she gets a chance. I love my kitties and puppy-dog! I'm glad I found this site. Now I can improve myself as a mommy thanks to the knowledge found here!!
If you want to see a few more pics, you can find them here:
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Hello and welcome! Your furkids are adorable!!
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hi, i'm also a new kitten with my first post. my 14 years old Gremlin just died yesterday. and i am still could'nt get over her death. she was born 2 days after my 8th birthday back in 1989. i just cant believe that she's actually gone. she's gone.
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Welcome to the site! You and ALL your animals!
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Hi! Welcome to the site! I love your babies! The picture of Angelica is really cute.

She's not really that weird, my Toeser acts like that too. My friends describe it as them being "cartoon cats", because you don't often get to see a real cat act like that. Sound like Angelica?
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Hi cbennett! Just wanted to welcome you to the board. Your babies are adorable, btw! : Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the site! What a bunch of gorgeous furkids you have! This place is quite addictive, so watch out! LOL

Oh, Gremlin, I'm so sorry for your loss. We have a forum just for situations like yours, Crossing the Bridge. Please read the poem of that name at the top of the forum, and feel free to post a tribute and your grief for your friend Gremlin.
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Thanks everyone for the wonderful welcomes. I hope to be able to post more pics soon of my babies.

Gremlin, I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. I too had a cat for many years. She was a stray that adopted me. She was the most loving cat I had ever seen. But sadly, renters on my grandmothers land had a dog that chased her down one day. I still get peeved everytime I think about what happened to my kitty.
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You've got cutie pies on your hands! Welcome to the site & Happy Posting!
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I love your animals! Enjoy your time here
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What nice pictures! Youre welcome!
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Aww what sweet kids! Hi and welcome!
Love SiMbA'SMom!:pinky: Have a great day!
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