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I joined because there is something wrong with my cat but I dont have the funds right now for a vet.

Well here goes:

Two days ago my cat (1year old female) was doing great, and the next day I found her sleeping on my bed and thought nothing of it. Almost 12hours later she hasnt moved so I picked her up and set her on the floor. She quickly fell to her side, I coaxed her to walk alittle and she limbed every foot. She has eatten food and drank water but she wont walk or even roll over from her sleeping posititon.
I feel terrible about her but would like an idea bout her and what to do. Right now Im just helping her get to food and litter.

Any ideas would be great, thank you
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I am sorry, but you need to take her to the vet ASAP. It sounds very serious, and if she doesn't go, I am afraid she could die. Please, do anything you can to take her to the vet - give them a postponed check, or apply to care credit and go!
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It is impossible to offer advice online...
I am sorry about your finances but this is a critical, life threatening emergency.
She could be in pain and suffering.
You must find a way to get your kitty to a vet immediately.

Please keep us updated.
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Please get to the vet asap!!
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I know you feel terrible about the lack of funds, but please contact your vet or local humane society for help immediately. Maybe you could barter skills, for the humane society in return for medical help. Prayers for you and your kitty, and please keep in touch.
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You and your sweet girl are in my thoughts this morning.
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Thank you all.

I will try to get her to a vet asap and throw up an undate to what it is.
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Sending vibes that she will be OK.
I will be watching for your update.
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