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Game!-----Photo Asociation.....=)

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Good Morning Dear Members of TCS!...

This is a great aportation from a good member on the site:...
CAT (a.k.a. Lil Maggie)

The game is called: Photo Association Game. Just like word association( do you remember this game?) only with photos surfing around the web. It can be funny pics or serious, it's all good! Let's say you start with a pic of a day at the beach, and the next poster puts up a pic of a sandcastle. Then the next one puts a pic of a real castle and so on and on...

-The MAIN Idea is made asociations with the images that we put on the thread...

The rules,
- Not copyright photos that can to cause a trouble with the site...
( I mean, maybe brands of pop sodas, portaits of CD, etc)

Every doubth that you have about it ask please and of course, let fun!

I begin:

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That beach makes me want to cry and pack my bags and flee Canada!!

This is what I associate with tropical beaches:

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Sorry, I love fish and it made me hungry!

"Courtesy of"
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I'm beginning to suspect most TCSers think with their stomachs...
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a real sea!...

From my coast near to my city!...
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My honeymoon in Hawaii, especially this sunrise

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Great sunrise!... I love it!

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The millions of roosters I saw on Kauai!

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