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Question of the day June 13th

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Morning All!!!

Today's question is:

Is your hair color natural ?

My hair color right now is natural, which for me is a very dark brown. However in the past I have had my hair dark blonde, auburn and for a little while in high school an interesting shade of pink.
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Good Morning Susan!

Absolutely is natural Mine black and King Milky Totally white...

We don´t use "flashes" or else..
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I have my natural brown hair. I just don't have the time to keep up the maintenence of dyeing my hair. I wish I did. The grey is becoming more and more noticable as I get older.
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I wish I could say mine was! Natural blonde, but bleached it many times. to go lighter. Well with a full grown out head of pretty long dark blond hair I got bored of it, and now have a dried out mess. It went so very wrong, turned orange, had to fix that, to the pale yellow stage, then had to color corect that. Going to let it settle, then go back to my natural color, which will require one more color job unless I want to be very drastically two toned as the roots grow out. *sigh* if it aint broke, dont fix it!
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^Maybe in the future just getting some highlights or getting it professionally done will be a lot easier for you?

I'm a dark blond, too. It's a bit of a boring color, but as said if it "ain't broke"...
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All natural and I get many compliments on it so I am too scared to change it
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Currently no.

I do keep my hair dyed to cover the gray, but normally I color it with my own natural color.
Currently though, I have an accidental pink thing going on, which I kind of like
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Yep, all natural here. Well, now anyways. It's a medium brown. It's been red before, but it's worn out. I'm thinking of dyeing it a darker brown.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
^Maybe in the future just getting some highlights or getting it professionally done will be a lot easier for you?

I'm a dark blond, too. It's a bit of a boring color, but as said if it "ain't broke"...
You know, it had lots of natural highlights in it, lots of golds and it sparkled in the sun! Not boring at all, jusk dark. Me being me wanted the lost days of youth and the blinding blonde hair. *another sigh*
And A BIG yes to anyone with dark blonde wanting to go light, dont believe the boxes of store bought stuff promising you platinum in just one step, not going to happen! (though my hair wasn't really orange more like copper, very pretty really, but just hideous with my skin tone)
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Mine is colored as close to my natural color as possible to cover the grays . (red).
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Mine has lots of blonde highlights in it and is a dark blonde/brown colour naturally. I've got great roots showing, not that I really care. It's not like I pretend it's not dyed.
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my hair is natural now, which is brown. I love having my hair platinum blonde but died it back a few months ago cause it wasnt worth the hassle of roots. I figure im going to let it get nice and healthy and maybe go back to blonde next summer, cause its so tru....blondes have more fun
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Ah, NO! It's not. I go every 6 weeks to have it cut, colored and highlighted (a medium brown, with dark blonde highlights.) I started going gray in my mid-20's (my first grays were in my teens!!!) I decided that I feel too young to look that old. I have enough gray that I need the highlights (it helps with the roots growing out problem.) I love my hairdresser.....she does a fantastic job!
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No coloring here. Mine is dark blonde/brown but I'm thinking about it since I've noticed a couple gray hairs
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Natural. My hair is light brown with a lot of red and gold
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My first grey hairs started in my teens, but I never felt compelled to colour my hair, because I had my Mum's example, i.e. in her youth she was a redhead -- darkish red -- and I have the hair that she cut off in her thirties to prove it -- but I never knew her as a redhead. By the time I was noticing -- she was 42 when I was born -- she was almost totally white -- an interesting creamy white, sort of the same depth as platinum blonde, but softer. It was beautiful, and she had many many compliments, and never used a drop of colour. So when my mousey brown -- with some red highlights -- showed signs of doing the same thing, I just hung tight, and haven't regretted it in the least. I had reached that sort of creamy white by the time was 40.
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My hair is it's natural color, black.
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Mine is dyed very similar to my natural colour just to cover grey, and I don't have to bother with having roots a different colour when it grows out.
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Most of my hair is currently its natural color, which is a dark brown. I'm probably going to dye it again soon though. It was black back in December but has since grown/faded out to my natural color. And some gray hairs that are freaking me out because I'm only 22!!

Not sure what to dye it now! I've been blonde, light brown and black. Rob's not big on red. Thinking of putting pink highlights in it too
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I've only ever dyed my hair a few times and when I come into some $$ I would like to dye it again

ETA: My hair colour is blonde with tinges of brown
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My hair is its natural color: medium reddish brown and graying nicely. I bleached my hair blonde when I was much younger and now can't be bothered with the upkeep and expense of coloring it.
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My hair color is natural. It's an auburn-brown color. I don't dye or chemically treat mine because I donate every other year to Pantene Pro-V's Beautiful Length's Program . (It grows wickedly fast!)
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