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New member in tears, please help!

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Our cat is a neutered eight year old Maine coon X. He went missing for about 48hrs and has come back a very lethargic, quiet animal.

When I say lethargic and quiet, he is generally very playful, but now will sit where I put him. Until I turn my back, and then he ducks under the bed. He is a very 'talkative' animal but I don't know the last time I heard him meow.

He is eating and drinking fine, but took a massive pee over the bed rather then in the tray, and he is toilet trained. I haven't found any poops.

He is prone to abscesses but I haven't found any. He has previously been tested FIV negative and I believe is vaccinated against it.

I'm having a stress because I can't get hold of a vet. I live rurally.

Can I take any comfort in the fact that he's still running under the bed, eating, drinking and peeing, or am I going to lose my cat?
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I would definitely see a vet ASAP, but I can imagine he's had a very traumatic experience.

I looked around the web and if he is eating that's a good sign. But if possible, get him to an emergency care center first thing in the morning.

Is there maybe a smaller room you can place him with food and litter box so he will feel safer?

I'm sure a few of our better knowledge members will chime in soon.
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One more thing - I have a Maine Coon mix female, and when she was fixed she became very lethargic as well.

I'm thinking he may have not eaten and gotten a little beat up out there. Does he come to you when you call him? I'm wondering if maybe you need to spend some close time with him and help him feel safe and secure again.
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Hopefully he is just taking time adjusting after his "adventure" and the litterbox mishap was trauma/confusion related. I would think eating and drinking are good signs.

I would get him to a vet when you can, just to make sure he's okay.
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it sounds like he just had a very traumatic experience. the fact that he is eating and drinking is encouraging. The peeing on the bed is likely behavioural, but as soon as you can, a once over by the vet and a blood panel/urinalysis is probably a good idea. Sit in the room where he is hiding and just talk softly to him. I also think if this goes on longer then a day or two buying some feliway and plugging it in, in the room he is hiding should help him calm down and readjust, maybe even buy some rescue remedy and put a couple drops in his water.

good vibes for you and your cat!
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Please take his temperature. Hiding and lethargy are the two major signs of fever in a cat, which could be very serious if not caught early. If elevated seek emergency veterinary help.

If he does not have a fever, and is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom he may just be painful. He could have gotten mouthed by a dog and is very bruised but has no outward signs . This would make his painful enough so he won't want to move. Remember kitties don't usually vocalize to pain like dogs do.

I had a kitty this happened too right in front of my eyes. She stayed in the closet for 7 days, I had to put her in the litter box and bring her food. Back then they didn't have pain killers for kitties.

Bottom line, the big determination would be whether he is running a fever or not. If so I would be hell bent on finding an emergency vet, even if it meant driving hours to the next big town.

Sending lots of healing vibes that your boy is better soon!
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