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Laying flat on side

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for the first time ever, my cat tonite laid totally stretched out, on her side, on the floor.
and her breathing seemed quicker than usual when I went down to check her.
she had just done a little sprinting around the house, chasing nothing.

have you seen this?
should I be concerned?
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She is probably hot - is it hot in there?
If you are worried, watch her for a bit; if she is lethargic, non-responsive, and her behavior is quite a bit different than normal, then yes, you should worry... Otherwise IMHO she is fine - just a bit hot
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Mine does that, they run around the house chasing nothing, they just get into a wild mood then they tire themselves out and lay stretched out on the floor to catch their breathe. However, it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on her.
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To me sounds like a normal cat flop. Run run run, flop! When they do that chasing nothing thing, I call it chasing ghosts.
I would keep an eye out if you are concerned, but sounds like nothing to worry about.
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Our cat does the run around and flop just about every evening. He always lays on his side afterward. As for breathing, I assume cats have much faster respiration than humans normally. Even when at rest they breathe faster.

Is this assumption correct?
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How old is she?
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4 yrs old
thx all for advice, I got her from a shelter 8 weeks ago and am still learning her habits
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The reason I asked was my experience with my now 11 year old Taz, a 20 pound (large, not very fat) indoor, neutered orange tom.

We resuced hin at about 12 weeks of age, his tali was mangled and had to be amputated, leaving him with a bobcat or lynx tail.

He was the most constantly hyperactive kitten I ever saw, if I hadn't of elt sorry for him, I'd have killed him for some of the escapades (well, not really ).

One day, as he neared 1 year old, he was running around like a little hooligan.

Then it was like an "adult cat program" kicked in, for the first time.

He just went down on his side and lay tranquilly. He seemed a bit mistified by the new experience

I think once they get over they frantic kitten energy, an adult cat is not a good endurance runner. I think they run hard when they are playful and when the sytem has had enough, they just drop.

Taz still plays but he has the going on his side bit pretty much perfected, now
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Laying flat on side, do you mean like this?

They had just had their usual "let's run around like crazy and chase each other 'til we are too tired to continue"-moment. And Tomu is trying to mimic Kuura (he does it a lot)..
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yes, like the whiter of the 2 cats.
totally stretched out, and head laying on the floor.
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Mine stretch out like that when the weather gets warmer - they'll find tile floors and just flop out. If she's still eating, drinking, peeing and pooping, and hasn't had any big personality changes, I wouldn't panic. However, I'm the person who has both vet and e-vet phone numbers on my phones, before my own doctor's numbers.
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she seems ok today.
guess I just got worried cause I'd never seen her do that before.

thanks again to all who replied.
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We all get worried the first time through with anything - when I brought Dante home from a dental cleaning, and he fell over a few times, I was immediately on the phone to the vet, thinking neurological issues from being sedated. Umm, no. When I first got Dharma, she also kept flopping over and looking at me - again, call to vet - she pointed out that meant Dharma trusted me, and it was a good sign!

Now, I'm all concerned because Dharma isn't pooping every single day like she always does....but, it's been pointed out that since she's on clavamox, she's not eating as much as usual either, which is fairly typical. I'm still all worried and am planning on swinging by the vet's office this morning to ask about it.
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