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I adopted a kitty this afternoon (and need help with possible names)!

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I've always said that my limit was two kitties, but recently I've been reconsidering that. And, after a lot of thought, prayer, and guidance from friends and family, I made the decision to add another cat to my heart and home. I had gone to the local animal shelter and checked with some of the many rescue groups in my area, but I continued to walk away disillusioned and discouraged. I had all but given up the search for the time being when a friend suggested a local Humane Society that I thought only adopted out dogs. Apparently, within the last year they had restructured and had started taking in all types of animals -- cats, dogs, rabbits, small mammals, birds, reptiles and even farm animals (at a separate location). So, on a whim, I decided to visit the shelter this afternoon and thank God I did because I found my newest love .

Today I adopted a 1 year, 7 month old female cat. She was originally found on the freeway by a motorist after he saw her being thrown from a car a couple of lengths in front of him. She was very underweight and malnourished, full of fleas, obviously abused, and very pregnant. The shelter took her in but didn't expect her to live through birthing her kittens and were planning on doing an emergency surgery to see if they could all be rescued (with mommy cat being first and foremost). Well, as a vet tech cleaned her up and prepped her for surgery, she started having contractions and out popped 3 healthy kittens! And not only did mommy cat survive their birth, but she managed to nurse them and care for them -- all while recovering from her own horrific state. She had been at the shelter since early February and had gained weight, restored her health, and began trusting humans and other animals once again, but was always overlooked because...well...God only knows why . She's gorgeous, sweet, and just amazing. While I'm absolutely thrilled she is now in my life, I cannot believe no one snatched her up before me.

She is a very pretty and petite tortie. She has the classic tortoiseshell coloring, is short-haired, has bright gold eyes with a hint of green, and has the cutest tail ever -- complete with an orange tip! She's still small and I have a feeling she'll fill out some, but she's always going to be on the petite side. Both of my other girls are tiny as well so I know that she'll fit in with them perfectly. Her personality, too, is just perfect. She is easy-going, but playful and is a little purr-machine! When I walked past her cage, I didn't even notice her. In fact, the only thing that stopped me was the fact that she'd poked her paw out of the cage bars and hooked her claws into my jacket! So, really, she picked me and from then on it was love at first sight . I spent a lot of time with her and from the first moment, she was content and purring in my arms. We then played with some other cat toys and ate some treats (me, my afternoon snack and her a Lysine treat). I knew within the first 5 minutes that she was to be mine and that we were just meant to be together...

She's resting comfortably in the master bath and she'll remain there for a couple of days. She's been tested for FeLV and FIV and is negative and is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, de-wormed x3, and on a flea and tick preventative (Frontline Plus). I get a free vet visit for her within the next week and I suspect she may have ear mites, but aside from that she seems otherwise healthy. I understand she may come down with an URI, but I've been there-done that and know what to do if the need arises. For now, my main concern is that she feels safe and comfortable while getting used to the sights and sounds of the house. I'll probably begin introductions either on Sunday late in the day or on Monday, but until then she'll have time to acclimate and we'll take things at the pace she chooses (along with Cass and Laney). But, really, I think introductions will be no problem at all. However, I am prepared for any issues that may crop up and have many resources available to me if I need help -- this site included. But I know in my heart she was meant to be a part of our family and she's already doing so well. She's been purring, head-butting my roommate and myself, doing some very light play, and nibbling on her food and drinking her water. I've not seen her use her litter pan yet, but I know that sometimes takes a little while. All in all, we're right on track to a long, healthy, and happy life together. And I'm just thrilled!

But now's the hard part. What do I name my new beauty? I have a kinda-sorta theme going on in that all of my pets have human names that are Irish, Scottish, or the like in nature. I'd like to continue that if possible and already have a few thoughts, but nothing's jumped out to me yet. So, therefore, please help me come up with some potential names for my little girl. I know you'll want pictures, but I didn't want to hover over her tonight or follow her around with the camera so they'll be forthcoming. But, you can get the general idea since she is a petite, female, tortie with a sweet, yet playful disposition. In short, she's perfect and thus needs the perfect name. So, help me...please......because I can't just call her Mommy Cat forever!

I can't wait to show y'all her beauteous face! I'll definitely be keeping you all posted. I'm so happy and I couldn't wait to share that joy with everyone, but, alas, the pics will have to come later. But, trust me, you won't be able to get me to shut up between now and then !

Happy, happy, joy, joy. My family has grown and I'm just so grateful and thankful -- right now, I'm the luckiest girl alive!
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Oh my, congratulations! Poor little girl! Once again I find myself liking animals much more than human beings... Uhg!

Well...... The names that came to mind while reading your story were: Hope and Miracle... or Milagres (Miracles in Portuguese).
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I googled Irish Girl Names for you -


Or, whatever you like, of course. Congratulations on your new little friend.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Oh my, congratulations! Poor little girl! Once again I find myself liking animals much more than human beings... Uhg!

Well...... The names that came to mind while reading your story were: Hope and Miracle... or Milagres (Miracles in Portuguese).
I vote for Milagres. Beautiful name for a miracle cat!
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How about Esperanza, which is hope in Spanish?
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What a beautiful story! So glad she's found a forever home.

My name suggestions are Destiny (my personal fave with all the 'incidences' that made her yours) or Zoe (new life).
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Oh how WONDERFUL!!! That is one lucky kitty-girl! Bless you for giving her a new life! I hope the new name come to you soon. Others have already made good suggestions, I don't really have one.
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i like the name Milagres also.. i vote for that..
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I know this won't help you narrow down ideas at all, but when I was trying to figure out what to name my two I found these lists online helpful. Here is one with female pet names.
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That is such a beautiful story!

The part about her getting thrown out of the car had me in tears though. Yes, truly she was meant to be with you! I'm so thrilled for the both of you and the other kitties!

How about calling her Tendresse .... it means tenderness in french...
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I know exactly why she hadn't been picked out by someone else...she was waiting for you! She is, without a doubt, a "fate" kitty. Given that, I would second the notion of Destiny for her name.
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I vote for Fiona! My girl is named Fiona. She is a fighter also! But so sweet. It is such a dainty girly girl name to me.

I looked up Zoe...or Zooey: it means Life. this seems really fitting also as she fought for hers and her babies.

Can't wait for pics!
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So what did you decide??? We all want to know!!!!!
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No idea on names, am rubbish at the bit.

Just wanted to say thanks for being there for this little tortie - sounds like she was due some TLC and I think she got it
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I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this thread. I can't believe that it's almost been two weeks since I originally posted about my new addition. Time sure does fly when you're having fun (and drama in your life, but whatever ). But my new kitty is settling in as well as could be expected and I'm still so thankful that I was guided to the animal shelter where I found her -- or, rather, when she found me .

Thank you all for your well wishes and support. And, a big thank you to all of you who have offered suggestions on names. I did come up with a name that suits her perfectly, but before I divulge that, I think it's time for a picture of the little beauty. Don't you think ?! So, that all being she is:

Isn't she just gorgeous?! I can't believe what she went through before being picked up and brought to the shelter. And it breaks my heart that she was abused so terribly during her kitten days and early life. It's also so sad that she waited at the shelter for so long before finding her forever home, but I also thank God that she did because I truly believe she was meant to come live in my home and remain a part of my family and heart for the rest of our time together...and then some...

I guess, by now, y'all are itchin' to know what I've named her. So, here goes new little girl's name is Emory. I know it's none of the names that were suggested here (though I seriously did consider Fiona and Zoe and even tried both of them out on her for a few days ), but Emory suits her to a T. The animal shelter had listed her name as Emma and since she was there for quite a while, I think she learned the name so Emory really isn't too much of a stretch for her to learn and feel comfortable with. Actually, we've occasionally been calling her Em or Emma anyway so it's been a smooth transition for all of us.

I could go on for forever and ever about her, but there have been some other minor issues and concerns that really would do best in their own specific thread. But, let's suffice it to say that she's here for life and that I'm enamored with her beyond belief. And, truly, I think she's happy here too. Isn't that the most important thing, anyway?

Ooh, I'm just so in love with her ! I hope you all are too !
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She is a lovely young lady! I am so glad that the 2 of you are happy together, and she has a loving home after such a horrific beginning. Thanks for sharing her story and her pic with us.
How are the introductions going?
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Wow! She is very beautiful and so petite! Emory suits her. I think you picked the right name.
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I know this is a very old thread of mine, but Photobucket deleted my account which caused all links to my photos to be deleted and inaccessible. I apologize since it's been quite a while since I've adopted Emory, but I wanted to ensure that her picture was still up. I guess I'm sentimental that way .

So, even though I think this photo has been posted elsewhere, here is my beautiful Emory:

I hope you enjoyed seeing her pic again -- even though I'm probably inundating you all with photos of my kitties. But, hey, we're a cat forum, aren't we ?!
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She's such a pretty girl. Congrats on adopting her and giving her a loving home. I love torties
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