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Got skunks?

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My friend, Katey, lives out in the boonies and her dogs get skunked, now and then. Recently, it happened and she didn't have any of her usual de-skunker handy and it was late at night. She decided to try Febreeze. The dogs don't like being sprayed so, she put it on her hands and rubbed it all over them. IT WORKED! Febreeze is pet-safe. I've been using it on the furniture, for years. Ike sleeps on the AZ room sofa and it gets tres stinky!
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I'll have to remember that! (Not that I think Luna will ever get skunked . . . . lol.) Does Febreeze have disinfectant in it, too? (I.E., could I use it to kill any ringworm spores in the apt., since Lysol isn't safe?)
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Viva, check with your vet or Humane society and find out what they use, to disinfect.
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I'll have to remember that. The last time I visited my parents, the dogs cornered a skunk, which cut loose on all three of us. Luckily the supermarket was open all night, and had huge cans of tomato juice. My mom bought eight or ten of them. I bathed both dogs and myself in it, and it really does work, but Febreze would be much pleasanter.
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Oh MAN!! I got skunked a few weeks ago, when I went to feed some stray kitties!! Of COURSE you have to know, I grew up in a big city--so was CLUELESS! So, I saw that little skunk and thought I dodged him very nicely. "WHEW, I thought, he didn't spray me, so I am fine now!" So, then (DUH) I walked right into the area he had just sprayed and the "Fragrance" was still VERY much there. I fed the kitties, and left to go to my friend's house. I mentioned about the skunk, and thought I might possibly have a little bit of residual skunk "fragrance" around me....AKKKKKKKK!!! My friend nicely smiled, and replied,"Oh yeah, I THOUGHT I smelled a skunk--just didn't know it was from YOU!" I didn't do anything but take a bunch of showers in a row, until I could not notice the skunk smell anymore.... But Febreeze would SURE have been a bit easier, after that first shower!!!! --Sure did learn a lesson that day!!! teehee
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Well most of you know I have skunks, and I have Febreeze but never would I have thought it strong enough to work. Thanks for the tip
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