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Am i missing something?

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OK i let my new 2 adopted cats Coco and Lucy out 3 days ago..When i say out i mean out of the room they have been staying in while i convince the other 3 indoor cats that there is no monster behind the door..
i had been doing the stroking of new cats and the striking of other 3 straight away so they could get the scent..
whats happening now is that new cats are starting to come out for a look around..older cats are clearing the way for them...there has been no hissing spitting or cat bad language..is this ok or should i hold on tight for the explosion..i feel like i am walking on eggs lol...
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It is apparently very OK!

Although you are very wise to proceed and keep an watchful eye till you see they are playing together and grooming each other.
Or if not getting pals - apparently achieving a neutral status quo as they say.

With any luck there shouldnt be any real difficulties now, but you never know for sure. What is the saying? The only assured is she who plays it safe?

Good luck!
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It is not strange to see cats getting along in no time at all. Perhaps this is what is happening in your case
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Hey! That's great news! It sounds like you've done your homework and laid a good foundation. They'll probably hiss at each other some; it's normal, but it sounds like you're going to have a smooth transition!
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Good for you, you have the easy mix-in going on. But don't let your gaurd down YET......
You never know with cats.
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