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Friendliest Taxi Driver I've Encountered!

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I take taxi's fairly often, at least a few times per week.

Today I was coming home from Safeway and called a taxi. I had one bag with me and was having the others delivered.

The driver pulled up, and I figured it would be the same experience as usual...they sit in the car yacking on their cell phone while I open the car trunk and load my own groceries in and then do the reverse when I get home.

WOW! I was quite surprised. The driver hopped out of the car, took my bag from me and put it in the trunk and then opened the car door for me and closed it. On the way home he took a slightly different route (shorter one actually) explaining that there was construction on one of the roads and that it would take longer and cost me more money if he went that route. So he drove down a couple of back lanes and got on the right route and it actually saved me nearly $1.50 over the usual fare taking the other direction when there is no construction.

When we got to my building while I was fishing out money he got out of the car and opened my door and then went to the trunk and got my bag and took it inside the building for me!

I've never, ever, ever had that kind of service from a taxi cab driver in my entire experience of taking taxi cabs! Which is why I loathe when they try and take a tip when they've done nothing other than put the car in drive and go!

However, this guy was so nice, and friendly and courteous that I gave him a tip equal to the price of the fare! Then I went inside and before I even unpacked my bag I called and gave a commendation to his office manager and plan on writing a letter to the taxi cab board too.

It was a nice way to start my day!
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I thought you were going to say you'd been traveling, and you had a ride with Rebecca!

That IS a great way to start a day! We'd have done the same thing you did! I think that was great you called to commend him.

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That is wonderful They should use this guy to train other drivers He definately deserved a good tip
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